Loyalty Card

We know that building student confidence is really important. Often, we try to do this through enabling pupils to see how competent they are with various tasks. If we build a “can do” attitude or a “growth mindset”, then research suggests that students begin to feel more relaxed about owning and sharing their errors. This idea of building competency is at the heart of this week’s teaching tip.

We probably all have loyalty cards for various shops. The idea here is to provide pupils with a grid/generic activity checklist which they can be given at the start of a topic. Perhaps you are encouraging them to develop new skills or new knowledge. On the grid, specific tasks that the pupils need to complete during the topic are given. As they complete each of the tasks, they receive a stamp on their grid. The idea is for them to compete at least “x” during the topic and they can also aim for more, or their targets or grid could be personalised.

You could change this slightly by providing the pupils with different approaches/homework tasks for the topic and get the pupils to aim to gain as many different “loyalty points” as possible, during the topic.