Picture This

You can use this tip to enable the pupils to work together to take down as much information as they can.

1. Put the pupils in groups. (4s work best). Each pupil in the group needs a number.
2. In preparation for the lesson, prepare the information that you need the pupils to remember. A combination of pictures and words works best. Place this somewhere in the room where pupils cannot directly see it.
3. Each group requires a large piece of sugar paper and a different coloured pen per person. (This helps with accountability).
4. Take it in turns to call out each of the numbers of the pupils in the group. Each pupil needs to go up to the information sheet and has 30 seconds to memorise as much information as they can from the sheet. They then come back to their group and put the information onto the sheet.
5. Meanwhile, another pupil number is selected and they come to the information sheet to memorise the information. It is up to the group to decide both how and what they memorise. Repeat as many times as necessary for the amount of information you have.
6. At the end of the activity, ask a series of knowledge questions to each group to assess what they have learnt.