Stand out!

This week’s teaching tip is called “Stand out” and is a useful idea to use to recall knowledge about a particular aspect of a topic, but in a more challenging way.

1. Pupils need a whiteboard and should work in a four.
2. A question is posed (eg write a fact about the nucleus.)
3. Each pupil has to write their own fact that they know to be true, but they are trying to think of a fact that nobody else would write down.
4. After a fixed time, the pupils are told to share their fact with the others in their group. They score a point for every correct, yet unique, fact.
5. The process is repeated with a different question.

You can sometimes extend the thinking by giving a suitably open ended question that could enable them to link this topic to one that has gone before.
You could also use pictures and ask pupils to write questions on the pictures, encouraging them to think of unique ones, and pushing them into higher order thinking.