Team building (Perhaps you could adapt this for form time)

This is based on a tip that we sent out last year. You will need a small object that would be suitable to move around the class, e.g. a soft ball, stress ball etc.
1. Obviously, you will need to decide whether this is suitable for your class and also set some ground rules before you start e.g. underhand throws, be sure the person is ready before you through this, don’t throw around the table, throw to a different person each time.
2. One pupil throws the ball to another, as they throw the ball, they ask a question or they start a list of answers of a given topic.
3. The next pupil catches the ball, answers the question / adds to the list and passes to the next person etc.
You could use this activity to enable your form to find out more about each others’ interests and build a greater rapport, or in a class you could use this to share ideas on a topic / set a scene for a story etc.