What’s the Question?

What’s the question is extremely simple but so effective and can currently be seen in Mock the Week.

The activity involves giving students an answer and then asking them to work out what the question (or questions) is. For example, if the answer is 10, what was the question? Well, it could be:
7 +3, 20 – 10, 1 + 1 + 8 etc
However, try to encourage the students to be creative and think beyond the obvious. The question to the answer 10 could be, ‘What Number Downing Street does the Prime Minister live in?’
The activity is applicable to any subject. If the answer was rain, what was the question? If the answer was Hamlet, what was the question. This activity can also be used to add a bit of competition to the classroom with the most original question winning a prize of some sort
The first teaching tip of the academic year has been shared by Val Rice.