Displays and Presentations

This week’s teaching tip has been provided by Julie Miller and includes a series of websites that can be used in all subjects for displaying information in a different way, or or helping students learn independently.
http://www.fodey.com  creates documents that look like newspaper articles.  You can change the name of the newspaper, the date and the text and download it as an image –  great for homework tasks!
http://www.textivate.com creates a range of interactive browser-based activities based on any text, including matching up activities, flashcards, card games etc. – a nice way to create resources!
http://www.cueprompter.com/ enables the user to enter a script and read it our as it automatically scrolls from top to bottom – ideal for helping students with presentations!
www.socrative.com  is a student response system which enables teachers to engage their learners through a series of exercises and games with the use of mobile phones, laptops and tablets – perfect for motivating students!
http://prezi.com/   an online software that allows the user to produce presentations and include media, text, graphics, audio and video – a nice alternative to PowerPoint!

A huge thank you to Julie for sharing these