Park it Here, Let’s find out!

The Holiday Teaching Tip is a continuation from last week’s tip and is about displays, questioning and feeding back on work.
Park it Here, Let’s find out!
This is an approach to ensuring questions that are asked during a lesson do not go unanswered. The idea is that when a question is asked that the teacher cannot answer or a question slightly off topic comes to light, it is written onto the “Park it Here” display. The teacher and the class can then research this question so that it does not go unanswered, but is answered at another appropriate time.
This is Good Because…
This is for the pupils in the class to provide each other with some public feedback and praise. When you come across a ‘good’ piece of work, take a photocopy or photograph of it and then put this on display. Write on it why you thought it was good and then ask the rest of the class can do the same. A little coaching in what to write is obviously needed in the first instance. When the piece of work is taken down the pupil gets to keep the copy of their work and the comment slips that were added to it.
An alternative is to do the same with a range of work, but put this around the classroom. Pupils move round adding “stars” and “wishes” to the work. The comments can then be collected by the pupil to help in redrafting the work etc. You can either name or anonymise the work, or you could swap work between classes.