As Open Evening is approaching, many of us will be looking to update our displays. An interesting article on “working walls”, (which are most often used in Primary Classrooms), was a feature in this week’s TES. (See bit.ly/DisplayGallery). But working walls can also be used successfully in the Secondary Classroom, to support pupils in achieving objectives from a particular scheme of work. Annotated exemplar work, can be a useful scaffold  for learning and could also be a useful reference for pupils as they look to assessing or improving their work. Pupil work could be added to this to guide pupils in the process. There are some good examples already being used in School.
Another way that walls are being used to good effect is through “questioning walls”. Another idea here is “The Google Wall”,( other search engines can be used!) Create a set of search boxes. If pupils have a question, allow them to fill one in and stick it onto the wall. Other pupils can then research the questions and come back with their own result from their own “search”. These can be assembled underneath the question.