Inside, Outside

This week’s teaching tip is called “Inside, outside” and is another cooperative learning strategy where the learners have to become actively engaged in their learning.
The instructions are as follows:
  • Ask the students to form pairs. 
  • Working individually, the students answer a question posed by the teacher (or another student.)
  • Students then stand up and one student from each pair moves to form a larger outer circle, the remaining partner finds their partner and faces them forming an inner circle.
  • Students then share one point from their answer / all of their ideas depending on the question set. You could do this by incorporating a different cooperative learning structure, such as a timed pair, share.
  • Students then move around in their circle to form another pair. Once in place, they repeat the process, adding / re-constructing their answer as they go.
  • The teacher can play music, ask students to move a certain number of places etc.
 Did you use the teaching tip this week? If so, how did you use it? Please do let us know.
Many thanks to Nic Walker for supplying this week’s tip.