Washington, Philadelphia, New York… and Vietnam

Unfortunately we were faced with an early start this morning, but after a final delicious breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the coach to head to NYC. 

Two and a half hours later, we arrived in Philadelphia. As Jefferson, Washington, Adams et al once wrote, ‘we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal’. But as Lin Manuel Miranda (and our students would add) ‘but when I meet Thomas Jefferson I’m a compel him to include women in the sequel’. And so we were able to witness the place where the founding fathers put their name to the Declaration of Independence and began the fight to form America in 1776. 

Miss Dodd clearly exerted herself too much, as she then took the opportunity to have a nap on the coach journey to New York. Mr Copestake did take a photo, but even he isn’t mean enough to post that here. Yet. 

The thrill of seeing the Manhattan skyline beckoned and we were able to make our way through the island to the hotel. After a short rest period to freshen up and change, we left the hotel to do Mr Copestake’s favourite thing – take the subway to Brooklyn and walk back into Manhattan for the first time, across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

After a long walk, it was time to head to Times Square for dinner. A delicious Italian meal filled our stomachs before we headed back into the chaos of Times Square to see Miss Saigon at the Broadway Theatre. 

The students were dragged through all emotions as they were able to witness the passionate love story of Chris and Kim, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war. Some students might have been on a school trip to Vietnam this week, but we’ve made it to America and Vietnam. 

The way back to the hotel provided one more photo opportunity as Mr Copestake’s y13 lit students found adverts for The Handmaid’s Tale (their current text). 

We’ve just made it back to the hotel and preparing for a full day of site seeing tomorrow. The weather does indicate rain…  but we’re British. And Mancunian. And we know how to deal with a bit of rain. So bring it on!