Super Sunday

It’s been another long and busy day, but so enjoyable and interesting for all. The students once again took advantage of the incredible breakfast buffet – everything from fresh fruit and yoghurt, to pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast and some random bits of asparagus (Mr Dickson. We think he was trying to be healthy and justify the other items on his plate). 

We then headed straight out to Arlington Cemetery. This was a reflective and moving experience and allowed us to see the many hundreds of thousands of military service people who have been buried there. 

We were able to witness the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and a rare opportunity to see the laying of a wreath. 

We took a walk to the top of the cemetery to see the tomb of Pierre L’Enfant, the architect of Washington, as well as the resting places of JFK and his wife, Jackie. 

From here, we managed to pull off a small surprise by taking the group to their first mall. There was much excitement, not just from the prospect of super sizing a McDonalds, but at the opportunity to spend some money in the shops. I think Sephora managed to do a roaring trade in make up – and that was just Mr Copestake! 

After the brief respite, we headed to the Newseum where we were able to see the largest piece of the Berlin Wall still in existence, a guard tower from East Berlin, unseen photos of the Kennedys, and get a spectacular view of the Capitol Building. 

A few students even had a go at presenting their own news broadcast. 

A quick walk afterwards took us to the Museum of American History to see some of the incredible pop culture items and clothing from America’s rich culture. An early evening walk then took us to the Jefferson Memorial – another reminder of the great work of one of the founding fathers. And an opportunity for Mr Copestake to start singing songs from Hamilton! 

Dinner was an odd experience, as we were in a British themed pub. The students were adamant that it wasn’t at all accurate, but Miss Devlin soon ran a detailed commentary on just how authentic it was. 

Upon returning to the hotel, the students need to get an early night in preparation for the journey to New York tomorrow. And so we bid you adieu. And tomorrow we shall say our farewells to Washington DC.