Knowing me, Knowing Huw

We’re going to take a brief respite from the activity blog to publish a short piece on a beloved member of staff. Mr Dickson has, on this trip, revealed his love for ABBA. And it’s a very special love – so much so that he watched Mamma Mia twice (in a row) on the plane. 

Even better, Mr Dickson has announced that he’s  taking a break from his career as an Oscar nominated actor, to release a cover album of Abba’s greatest hits and we can reveal the track listing here…

  1.  Mamma Mia (Huw we go again)
  2. Knowing Me, Knowing Huw
  3. Huwey Huwey (How Huw loves me)
  4. Chiquitita (Huw and I know)
  5. Super Huwper
  6. WaterHuw
  7. Voulez-Huw
  8. Does Huw’s Mother Know
  9. Thank Huw for the Music
  10. Take a chance on Huw
  11. Dancing Queen (Huw can dance)

There will be a limited number on release but I’m sure Mr Dickson will be happy to do signings in school.