Washington & New York – Photographs

We want everyone on the trip to have an exciting and enjoyable time. For many (staff included) this will be the first visit to Washington and New York.

We understand that you will want to take photographs. But we ask that you respect the following;

  • Do not take photographs of staff, without their permission. Even if they agree to one photo, they might not agree to another. Please check regularly.
  • Do not take photographs of other students, with the intention of posting to social media, without their prior permission.
  • If staff are taking their own photos, please understand that they may not wish to have students on these and may ask you to step to one side whilst the photo is being taken. No staff member will take photographs of students for their own use or for social media.
  • All photographs taken with students will be for school use only, and we will check photo permissions of all students before publishing to this blog, or to the school website.

Thank you for your co-operation.