Washington & New York – One week to go!

Hello all,

One week before we leave, we felt it worth reminding you of a few things;

  • Please make sure you have read the student handbook we have provided and that you have signed the code of conduct pages. Please bring the handbook with you on the trip.
  • You are expected at Manchester Airport, Terminal 1, by 7.30am. Staff are hoping to be there from 7.15am.
  • Do NOT forget your passport!
  • Check your packing carefully – do you really need five pairs of shoes? (Mr Copestake would say ‘yes’, but even he won’t be taking that many pairs.)
  • Remember that you will need a bag to carry around daily, and use as hand luggage on the plane. We recommend a rucksack.
  • Check carefully the items you are allowed to take on the plane in your hand luggage. Restricted items will need to go in your suitcase.