Day 5 – Last Day in Cambodia 

The second day we spent in Cambodia kicked off with a 6 hour sight seeing road trip to Pnohm Penh – the Capital City of Cambodia. The trip began with a coach full of sleepy girls, however we stopped off at a beautiful service shop with a spectacular view. 
After this, Kien and our trusty driver dropped us at a market packed with snacks such as cooked tarantula and scorpions. A new experience so to speak! 
Our final road trip stop off was the independence monument where we took a couple of snazzy pictures. The lovely Kien then said his goodbyes and we were greeted with our final tour guide, Mrs Thiday.
When we reached Pnohm Penh we first visited the Royal Palace, which could have been one of the most beautiful palaces we visited in the trip. The views were spectacular and the history was explained thoroughly my lovely Mrs Thiday. 
Secondly, we visited the silver palace (which is really made of concrete as Mrs Thiday explained) and Wat Pnohm. Some beautiful scenes greeted us at these sites including a gorgeous Buddhist greenery area. 
We travelled to our final hotel and freshened up for our meal which we spent on the stunning titanic restaurant in which we ate a delicious meal, accompanied by several kittens. A lovely day overall. 
Gemma, Year 11