Final Thoughts

A few thoughts from Mrs Charlton as we prepare for our journey home: edited by Lily Macfarlane 
I think the best line of the week was walking back down from the heights of the 1000 year old temple at the top of the hill overlooking Angkor Wat… “Elephant coming past, oh… and there’s a snake here too!” Swiftly followed by said elephant plodding on by after splatting most of us in the face with his overly enthusiastic tail!
The most heart warming moment (to be honest there were so many!) was watching our students be present, immersed in the many moments when life simply stood still for us all. I was simply proud to be with them all, in that space, at that time. If only we had many more days to come.

There were many shocking moments over the trip. What on earth do I choose? Walking above the planks of wobbly wood keeping us from all of the dozens of crocodiles at the floating village in Siem Reap, waiting hopefully with open mouths, for one of us to drop in? Hearing “Mrs Charlton, they just put the tarantula on me!” when visiting the food market where crickets, scorpions and tarantulas were on display for a snack. Or perhaps the sudden realisation that I was watching people living in absolute poverty with my mobile phone in my hand to capture my experience-feeling the tug of war in my heart as I watched life from outside of the goldfish bowl.

Any other thoughts? Just these for now:

1 Best trip of my life!

2 I am privileged to know our students and to have been a part of our Vietnam and Cambodia family.

3 I have seen many wonders but nothing compares to seeing our students dancing in the rain, just in front of the lake before Angkor Wat. That memory will stay with me until my last day.

And finally…with thanks to Mr Humphrys and Ms Payne because none of the above would have been possible without their constant support. 

See you at AGGS approximately 11.30 Saturday but we text updates when we arrive in London 

The V&C family are on their way home 🙂