Day 4 – Cambodia

Our first morning in Cambodia was greeted with waffles, French toast and a lost passport! After scouring the hotel our new guide Kien came to the rescue and we were off.

Our buses dropped us off in quite literally paradise. One of the seven wonders of the world Angkor wat did not disappoint. After an amazing tour with just about everyone back, our bus dropped us off for some well needed drinks.
Soon after we were all become Angelina Jolie and were immersed into the location tomb raider was shot. It was our lucky day as kien taught us some iPhone tricks to capture the breathtaking views of trees, temples and sweaty students. 
This was followed by lunch in the jungle amongst lizards and spiders (to mr Humphrys delight). By bike or bus we all made it to the big deal… Angkor wat temple! All was perfect and as we begin to walk up: the rain starts- typical! Nevertheless we explored the biggest Hindu temple in the world and were speechless- especially when we met the monk Jack whitehall saw!
Then we got the shower we’d been in need of all day. Despite our monsoon encounter we climbed up the hill for an amazing view of Siem reap. And with steep steps and the odd tumble and snake we made it down in tact. 
Finally we head out for the night with a show! We saw many stories told through dance and costume. Following this we went to yet again another market before heading to bed. Overall a day none of us will never forget.

By Emily, Year 12