Day 3 – the Last in Vietnam 🇻🇳 

Yet another early start (yay!) for our long drive to the Mekong River. During the drive we had a break at the most beautiful rest stop, after which we made our way to our river boat which took us island hopping along the iconic delta. 

First stop: Unicorn Island where we were treated to fresh Vietnamese fruit, homemade honey, traditional music and an amazing river boat experience. 

On the second island we enjoyed a filling Vietnamese lunch and a fresh coconut on a tour of a fishing village, which we smelt before we saw. 

Once we arrived back in Saigon, we had a quick stop at Ben Than market where we practised our newly acquired haggling skills. We then made our way to the Saigon Opera House to watch ‘Ter Dah”; a dance production explaining the lives of idegenous Vietnamese tribes. The acrobatics and tricks in the show amazed us, from dancers balancing on each other’s heads, to spinning upside down from ceiling (we felt dizzy just watching). 

After a quick dinner we went back to the hotel for bed, which we had definitely earned after a wonderful (long) day!

By Hana, Tara, Lena & Aisha (Year 13)