Day 2…….another busy day


The morning started with a visit to the Neutral Bouyancy Lab. where we saw divers preparing the pool and ISS mock up for 2 Astronauts in training. It was then back to the Johnson Space Centre to test our heat shields and thermal protection for our marsmellows (marshmallows). The afternoon was spent scuba diving at the Astronaut Training pool followed by a problem solving challenge. This evening we are out for dinner then we are going to take in a movie.


Day 1…….afternoon activity.

This afternoon we’ve been learning about materials and their ability to prevent heat being transferred. Each team has had to buy samples of these materials to build a heat shield and a container to stop a marshmallow from freezing  in liquid nitrogen. Later in the week we will get to test these……..the competition has started!!!


Still Day 1………

……….Model rocket building. All groups are set the challenge of working as engineers and scientists to build a rocket within a budget. Hopefully we will be launching these later in the week.

We made it………

The trans-Atlantic flight went well and we were most impressed with Singapore Airlines. We landed on time at Houston but security was a bit slow. We’ve now got 20 very tired young people sat down for a Tex-Mex meal as the sun was setting. For us it was only 6pm (midnight for you) – yes that was a 19hr day!!!

Apologies for not getting everyone in the picture.

Weather Forecast

A screen-shot from the US Weather Underground Website. Any long range forecast always has errors so hopefully it won’t be as wet as it appears….bring your waterproofs. Temperatures look ok compared to the UK.