Hi everyone…

This week our main focus was on setting up and organizing our experiment so we can monitor it over the next few weeks, ready for our presentation. Our aim is to create a time lapse video so we can clearly see the changes in growth that happened over time.

The experiment’s purpose is to see whether plants grow better in water or in soil, whilst also investigating how different minerals (fertilizers) affect growth.

We are growing radishes as they are relatively small and easy to grow. As you can see from the diagram below, we set up the experiment with 3 beakers filled with water, 3 filled with soil and within this we varied the fertilizers each one got. Hopefully over the next few weeks we should see some clear changes that we can document.experiment

We have also had a few more replies back from experts we have emailed, and our survey is all ready to go for people to fill it out.

Next week we are hoping to see some changes in the growth of our radishes and also, continue to bring our research together for the presentations.