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Mobilising the evidence

This week’s blog comes for Durrington School which has recently been designated a research school.  Andy Tharby and Shaun Allison who wrote ‘Making Every Lesson Count’ teach there and this book can be borrowed from the staff room.  In the blog, teachers detail how they have put research into practice.  There are some interesting thoughts on retrieval, explicit vocabulary teaching, literacy in geography and effective use of knowledge organisers.

There are lots of interesting links on the site.


Challenge Grid – Retrieval Practice

Challenge Grid forces students to recall content from the previous lesson to  earlier in the course.   More points are awarded for answering questions from way back than the previous lesson.

This serves to give students feedback on what content they need to be revisiting in their personal study time.

Template below.

Challenge Grid Template

1 Die, 1 Pen – Retrieval Practice

1 die, 1 pen is an activity that requires students to retrieve subject content against the roll of a die.  It encourages students to work quickly but more importantly gives them feedback about content that they do not know.

The rules and an example set of questions can be found below.

1 Die 1 Pen Rules

1 Die 1 Pen Questions