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TED talks

There is a link to a page that talks about ‘Green TED talks’, it wasn’t really that that caught my eye but the idea of students preparing TED talk.  It talks about using the green screen to provide a background and this is something that could be done here in school with the help of IT or SDLs, or it could just be done without.  This could work well linking to independent learning and research skills.

How My Students Create Their Own TED Talks



This week’s tip is a dingbat created by a fellow PE teacher who works at Flixton (@TedfordDanielle).  I am sure that most people know what a dingbat is but if not it is a visual word puzzle from which a well known phrase or saying has to be identified.  In this case, it is keywords from our GCSE specification.  I am sure this could be used in any subject area as a starter activity.


You Tube voice over

This tip was shared back in May and is something I stole from a teacher on twitter.  Students watched a slow motion clip of a javelin thrower and prepared a voice over to share with a partner.  The voice over included an analysis of muscles contracting/relaxing and also some analysis of the technique to link to our practical work.  I am sure something similar could be used in other subjects in some way.  Please do share an idea if you have done this or something similar before.  Powerpoint attached.

For those using One Note, I am preparing something similar for them to complete in the collaboration space where they will record their voice over on the device directly to One Note.  If you are interested in One Note and want a mini session, get in touch.

You Tube Voice Over Javelin Throw