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Learning grid

Below is a an activity that I have used to support the development of the extended question.  Instructions are on the sheet.  It was designed to give them time to discuss in pairs before attempting the answer at the bottom.  You will need two dice per pair for this.

It should work in any subject area and is specifically linked to the assessment objectives.

3.2 Components of Fitness Dice Activity

‘Think Hard’ Questions

Along with this week’s teaching tip, the blog of the week has a focus on questioning.  After a long half term, how successful has this important strategy been for us?

Below is a link to a blog that discusses ‘think hard’ questions.

And another which gives some ideas for developing a hands down approach amongst others ideas to make our questioning more effective.



The Benefits of Regular Retrieval Practice

This week’s blog highlights how regular testing supports learning. There is also a short interview with Robert Bjorn, a distinguished American Professor of Psychology, who comments on how testing has recently been seen as a negative process.  He goes on to outline why we should include low stakes tests in our practice.