Picture Dictation

This week’s teaching tip is once again taken from the MFL book of Starters.
Picture Dictation
1.Students sit in pairs.
2.One student sits with their back to the board.
3.A picture/ word / graph (or similar) appears on the board.
4. The partner who can see the image, describes it and the student with their back to the board has to draw it / guess what it is.
This would make a good revision task, or a good game to check key vocabulary or terms.
Many thanks to the MFL department.

2 thoughts on “Picture Dictation”

  1. I have used this in Biology when teaching the Carbon cycle, using images with arrows linking them. It was before they began the topic and was a useful method of ascertaining their prior knowledge of the topic. The pairs who finished first looked to see whether their diagram was accurate, and as an extension had to then label the arrows with the names of the processes e.g. photosynthesis, respiration, combustion and work out what the cycle was showing.

  2. Another variation on this is where you display a photo or a picture and ask pupils to come up with questions about that photo. They then have to come up with the answers to those questions, creating their own story behind the photo. You can then ask them questions about what happened before the photo was taken and what is going to happen next. In MFL, this activity really challenges learners at Key Stage 5, as it encourages them to be creative with the language and use a variety of verb tenses.

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