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Rijuta J – AGGS School Physicist of the Year 2018 (SPOTY)

Rijuta, Physicist of the year 2018Rijuta J was nominated by the physics department to be the award winner for the AGGS School Physicist of the Year 2018 (SPOTY). SPOTY celebrates the talent of exceptional students studying physics in local schools.

On behalf of The University of Manchester and The Ogden Trust, she was invited to the School of Physics & Astronomy, Schuster Building, University of Manchester on Tuesday 10th July to celebrate her achievements.

Below is the statement that was read out during the ceremony:
“Rijuta is a true physicist from an early age winning the STEM club challenge in year 7. More recently, She achieved one of the top scores in her school physics examination and in the 2018 national physics Olympiad. She entered national competitions including talent 2030 – women in engineering where her group designed underwater turbines and was part of the team that achieved a bronze in the national cadets roller coaster challenge competition. The physics department at AGGS are extremely proud of her.”

Chicks Gallery..

We were sorry to say goodbye to the lovely chicks, who have grown so much on our watch..

STEM Club’s Chicks – update

Chicks, 19th June

The chicks are all much bigger and now all have feathers

STEM Club’s 10 Beautiful Chicks

STEM Club Chicks
STEM Club ChicksSTEM club have worked long and hard to raise money to hatch some eggs in school. Ten eggs arrived on Monday along with an incubator, a brooder and all the food and bedding required. Our first hatch was on Tuesday and the last on Thursday. For the first time ever we have had 100% success rate and now have 10 beautiful chicks; 2 boys and 8 girls. Some students have even been lucky enough to witness a hatching. We are investigating at what age they lose their egg tooth and what age they start getting feathers. We are also weighing them daily to see if the boys and girls grow at different rates. The chicks will stay with us for another week before returning to live on a free-range farm. Earlier in the year we ran a competition to name the chicks and the lucky winners will be announced next week.
STEM Club Chicks





Sheffield University Taster Day

Free, one-day conference for Year 12 students on Wednesday 28 June 2017. 

I would like to invite your students to our University Options Day in Science, Maths and Engineering at the University of Sheffield on 28th June.

Students are invited to apply individually to the conference and can book their place online at: www.stemexplore.co.uk/events. They can attend individually or with their parents/guardians.


A Year In Industry can be a good ‘kick start’ for a brilliant career in STEM

A good degree is not sufficient by itself to gain good graduate employment.  Employers are looking for transferable skills and prefer work experience – probably not top of the agenda for most 17/21-year-old students who are still trying to decide on their career paths!
EDT, a not for profit organisation, offers through YINI a high value, low risk option, as students do not have to defer their University place unless they accept an offer with YINI, and the registration is free.
A 9/12-month placement could provide some of the structure that admission tutors look for in personal statements and still allow time to travel. Last year nearly 600 students were given this invaluable start to their careers.
Probably a YINI will appeal to students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Physics, but it may also be of interest to many others.  I am attaching a brief synopsis of some local openings, but there are many more, both regionally and nationally.
Here are a couple of testimonies of YINI Alumni:
“This year has been the most challenging and one of the best experiences of my life. Totally worthwhile. I have learnt so much!!” Tamaryn Johns, AstraZeneca
 “This has been a massive step in my personal development and will be the foundation for my degree and my future career. This has been extremely valuable in terms of both general and specific work experiences. I had no idea I would gain so much when I embarked on this venture.” Sascha Kellert, Serco Group Ltd
Please find below a poster of our current vacancies for a Summer 2016 start – please advertise these to your students in a prominent place. If you or any of your students would like to find out more, we would like to hear from you.  More details can be found on our website www.yini.org.uk or information can be requested from Kerrie on 0161 278 2577 or from k.madden@etrust.org.