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Thank you to all our lovely pupils who made the trip so enjoyable, you really were a credit to us.

Thanks to Mrs Quigley for doing the blog and I apologise it was not on whilst we were away, that was entirely my fault as I could not remember my password!!

Thanks also to Mrs Mason, Mrs Hart, Mr Beddow, Mr Osborne, Mr Murray and Mr Walker for all of the help given  in organising the trip and being so great whilst we were away.

Miss Hickman

Mammoth Trip Returns Safely

We have arrived safe and sound back in Altrincham after 30 hours of travelling. The group were all fantastic and had a great time cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alcatraz and skiing in the beautiful Mammoth Mountains.

Mrs. Hickman

Mammoth day 7

Tuesday, 10th April

A sad day, early rising (4.00am!) and homeward bound, although the stop off at the San Fran outlet centre before going to the airport was eagerly awaited and well utilised by all (staff included). ‘Please let it fit in my suitcase!’

The journey back was just ‘eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ until back on solid ground and the fun of the English motorways!

To summarise, this was an absolutely amazing trip of two opposites, both equally enjoyed to the full, even with the two days of rain in Mammoth. Students were impeccably behaved and a credit to the school and we hope they all have great memories to come back to time and time again.


Mammoth day 6


Monday, 9th April

Glorious again. Final day skiing and longer sessions 9.00-12.00 noon and 1.00-3.00pm; packing as much time as possible on the slopes.

                                        View from the top of the gondola at 11,053 feet.


After an exhilarating final ski day and a hearty meal, we all converged on the meeting room for the end of trip celebration with students entertaining us all with dazzling dances, magnificent magic and rapturous raps! Talent abounds.

Mammoth day 5

Sunday, 8th April


‘Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what beautiful day!’

After the last couple of days, wonderful to draw back the curtains and see the sun glistening on the snow and all bodes well for the rest of our visit.

A fantastic days skiing was had by all, across all the different ability ranges. Students are pushing themselves and the ski instructors have commented on how well they are all doing.

Movie night saw us all bussing down to the town to see the latest Spielberg film Ready Player One at the local cinema, virtually took the place over.  Students thoroughly enjoyed it to the extent we had cheering at a specific ‘romantic’ point and clapping at the end.  Impeccably behaved.

Long day, so straight to bed on our return.

Mammoth day 4

Saturday, 7th April

Horrible again but everyone was up and ready to face the slopes, a bit more limited so morning only and the afternoon drying out, planning their own entertainment and swimming/jacuzzi time.  A well-deserved break.

Saturday night is Quiz Night

Quiz Night with the master of quizzes Mr Murray and a bonus quiz the San Fran Knowledge with Mr Osborne.

This was a closely contested event, with the leader board changing with each category. However, in the end the overall winners were team Tapatio (named after the sauce bottle on their table) and to say they were happy, was an understatement.

Mammoth day 3

Friday, 6th April
Well what can we say, for somewhere that hasn’t had rain in the ski season for the last 40 years, we certainly brought the Manchester weather with us. Rain and wind however were not going to deter the Altrincham lot. Off they went, layers, snoods, goggles and gloves to face the elements and they did it. At the end of the day, 74 sopping wet students trudged back to their rooms to squeeze out their gear; clothes hanging from every chair, hook and rail available.
They were all amazing; ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.
After a bit of relaxation and dinner, time for the Mamma Mia singalong and the students did not disappoint, singing their hearts out throughout. Which side won, Ms Hickman’s or Mr Walker’s was up for debate, so we settled on a draw.

Mammoth day 2

We wake up to..

Thursday, 5th April

Breakfast at 8am and students were booted and suited ready for the first ski lesson at 10am.  Weather perfect (famous last words).

A great first day skiing, students truly exhilarated. Two hours in the morning, lunch break and one and half hours in the afternoon to allow for early dinner and evening entertainment.

Lots of fresh air, rosy cheeks and smiles.

Two stage bus ride to the Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl and a few hours of ‘non-competitive’ bowling!!

A great night had by all, but definitely shattered. Lights out 10pm.

Mammoth day 1

Wednesday, 4th April

Left our San Fran base ready for the 6½ coach ride to Mammoth!  All aboard.

Students all in good humour with Mr Walker providing an alternative comedy session (cheese jokes being the favourite) and travel guide aficionado, few facts to be believed we must add.

First stop-off for lunch in the quaint village of Placerville, the Heyday Café and an amazing vegetable soup on offer, fuel for the next stage.  Back on board with an ever-changing landscape, forests with cascading rocky rivers to open barren land surrounded by snow-topped mountains; amazing just soaking it all up or sleeping.