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RAF talk 28 September

Year 9 and 10 linguists enjoyed a talk given by Flight Lieutenant Gemma Slaughter, who works as a linguist for the RAF. There are over 60 jobs in RAF, with only 5% of those employed working with planes. There are lots of opportunities for sport and adventure training, as team building is key. Intelligence linguists are deployed across the world. Translating plays a key role in the peacekeeping role. Language analysis could involve cyber analysis, communication intelligence and surveillance. Pupils enjoyed listening to Gemma’s experiences of using her knowledge of Arabic and Pashto working in Afghanistan. Pupils learnt some key vocabulary in Pashto and used this to interpret a series of messages, saying when and where an attack was due to take place and what type of attack was being.

Year 10 Careers Day & Practice Interviews

On Weds, 4th July we invited volunteers into school to conduct practice interviews with our Year 10 students as part of their Careers Day.

The day started off with an inspirational talk from one of our Alumnae and AGGS maths teacher, Sarah Chancellor. Mrs Chancellor had an exciting and rewarding career in sports event management, including working as part of the London Olympics 2012 team. Her speech, reflecting on her journey to date, was inspirational and appreciated by all. This was followed by a CV writing skills session, a team building session with the RAF and a workshop delivered by our Connexions Adviser on labour market information.

Throughout the day, Year 10 were having practice interviews with volunteers from IBM, Tesco, BBC, Together Money, Chubb and Aldi. We are extremely grateful to them for kindly giving up their busy working day to interview our students. The interviews were an introduction to ‘real life’ interviews which gave the students an insight into the world of work. We received many comments from the interviewers complementing our students on their confidence, high standard and quality of responses to questions. Well done, Year 10, on a successful day.

Year 10 Skills NW visit to Event City

ASPIREOn Wednesday 21st March all of Y10 visited the Skills NW event at Event City. It was the region’s biggest careers, jobs, skills, HE and apprenticeships event to discover what their future holds. It was an opportunity for students to explore a range of careers options, talk to employer’s, find out about college courses, meet apprentices, universities and get hands-on with activities and challenges.

Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City
Y10 Skills NW visit to Event City

Year 9 – Ryman National Enterprise Challenge 2018

Year 9 - Ryman National Enterprise Challenge

Year 9 – Ryman National Enterprise Challenge, January 2018ASPIRE

On Tuesday 16th January the Year 9’s took part in the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge whose ambassador is Theo Paphitis! The challenge this year was set by Ryman and it was to create an item of stationery which could be used by Ryman customers. It couldn’t replicate anything that Ryman have done before, it had to be unique.

By taking part in this Challenge not only did the girls enjoy the experience but also gained skills in creativity, management, entrepreneurship and team work, all attributes which are essential in today’s world.

Year 9 - Ryman National Enterprise Challenge, 1st place - Ready 2 Rule’ from 9-5
Year 9 – Ryman National Enterprise Challenge, 1st place – Ready 2 Rule’ from 9-5

As you would expect all the groups came up with exceptional ideas and it was very hard to judge. Unfortunately, there could only be one winning team and that was ‘Ready 2 Rule’ from 9-5 which was made up of Mboje, Mimi, Rose, Florence, Ella and Milly. Their product was a pencil case within which was a pencil pot aimed at organising Y7 and Y8 students. They presented their idea with a very catchy rap and slogan – ‘restart, repeat, reorganise!’
‘Ready 2 Rule’ will now go onto the National Finals at Telford International Centre in July to compete against over 250 schools.
We wish them the best of luck.

Year 9 - Ryman National Enterprise Challenge Year 9 - Ryman National Enterprise Challenge


Women: key issues

Considering a career in the army? Here the BBC explores why the army needs more women.

Year 12 Careers Fortnight 2017

Y12 Careers Fortnight Careers talk by Hilti Engineering

ASPIREBetween 6-17th November, we held our Year 12 ‘Careers Fortnight’. The aim of this fortnight was to provide Year 12 students with resources and information to help them to make more informed decisions about what they might wish to do post 18, whether it is university, an apprenticeship scheme, a gap year or employment.

Activities included a trip to Sheffield University, where students attended a talk about how to choose a university, tour of the university campus and a sample lecture. Students had the opportunity to take part in a workshop, ‘The Hidden Job Market,’ where they were able to network with employers from the grocery industry and hear about their different interesting jobs and their journeys to reach them. The aim of the workshop was to encourage students to reflect on the opportunities available to them in the future, and what they can be doing now to get there. We were also delighted to welcome a number of visitors into school, who kindly volunteered their time to offer practice 1:1 interviews for each student in Year 12. We invited various careers speakers and ex-students to give talks in assemblies, lessons and at lunchtime.

Thank you to all of those who were involved in making this such a success.

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist . . . using technologies that haven’t been invented . . . in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”

Year 12 Careers Fortnight - Practice interviews
Year 12 Careers Fortnight – Practice interviews
Year 12 Careers Fortnight - Practice interviews
Year 12 Careers Fortnight – Practice interviews
Y12 Careers Fortnight - Careers talk by Hilti Engineering
Y12 Careers Fortnight – Careers talk by Hilti Engineering
Y12 Careers Fortnight - Careers talk by Hilti Engineering
Y12 Careers Fortnight – Careers talk by Hilti Engineering
Year 12 Careers Fortnight- The Hidden Job Market workshop
Year 12 Careers Fortnight- The Hidden Job Market workshop
Careers Fortnight - Olivia Birchenough, Alumnae & TV presenter for the children’s tv show ‘Milkshake’.
Careers Fortnight – Olivia Birchenough, Alumnae & TV presenter for the children’s tv show ‘Milkshake’.

Visit from Manchester University

MFL Manchester University Visit

On Monday 6th November we were delighted to welcome Sonja Bernhard, School Liaison Officer, from the University of Manchester. She delivered a couple of talks to our Year 9 students about the value of language learning and they were very interested to hear of Sonja’s experiences as a native German speaker living and working in Manchester. She also spoke to Year 12 as part of careers week and shared lots of advice about combining language study with other subjects at university. The students were able to appreciate that language learning not only involves acquiring vocabulary but also gives us an understanding of the culture of other countries.

Y11 Careers Morning

Y11 Careers Morning

Year 11 heard from a range of speakers who explained about the differences between 6th forms and colleges, college life and choices, the benefits of higher education, higher/degree apprenticeships and A-Level choices. We would like to thank Manchester College, Trafford Connexions, The Skills Company and Leeds University for coming into school to deliver the presentations. Year 11 also heard from 3 of our Y12/Y13 students about their particular experiences of choosing A-Level options. We hope that Year 11 feel they have been more informed about their post 16/18 options, which will enable them to make better decisions about their future.

Y11 Careers Morning Y11 Careers Morning Y11 Careers Morning

Biology Week 2017

Biology Week 2017

7th – 15th October

How Can You Get Involved?


TALK: Photographing Nature with Dr Pickering

Ex-AGGS teacher and amazing wildlife photographer Dr Pickering will discuss the skills, techniques and patience required to get some perfect photos.
Dr Pickering has had his work published and will be sharing his secrets plus launching our 2017 Photography competition.

Wednesday 4th October

All welcome
12.30 in L6

COMPETITION: The Great Biology Bake Off

Bring in a cake that represents a cell, organ, a process or even a whole organism! Prizes for the best entries.
Cakes will then be sliced and sold to the teachers in the staffroom on Tuesday and all money raised will be donated to the Macmillan coffee morning charity.

Monday 9th October

All welcome
12.30 in L5

TALKS: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo’s Safari Rangers are visiting all Y9 classes to deliver workshops about the varied roles and careers in the zoo.

L3 L4
Period 2 9G 9C
Period 3 9F 9B
Period 4 9E 9D
Period 5 9A

Monday 9th October

Y9 classes
In lessons

Q&A SESSION: Careers at the Zoo

Interested in a career at the zoo? There is a much broader range of jobs than you might expect.  If you want to know more about working at the zoo, please come with your questions to quiz our two Safari Rangers.

Monday 9th October

All welcome
12.40 in L4

QUIZ: Biology Brains!

If you love Biology and know your aardvark from your armadillo, come along to this Quiz at lunchtime. Questions set by members of Science Society!

Tuesday 10th October

All welcome
12.30 in L6

TALK: Old Drugs, New Bugs! With Professor Roberts from Manchester University

What will we do if bacteria become resistant to all the antibiotics we have to fight them? Why are more bacteria becoming antibiotic-resistant? In this fascinating talk you will find out much more about the constant efforts being made to find new drugs to control the rise of MRSA and other potentially life-threatening diseases.  A must of all future medics, dentists and vets, plus everyone else!

Wednesday 11th October

All welcome
12.30 in L6

TALK: Enhancing Photosynthesis for a Changing World with Dr Hartwell from Liverpool University

The world’s population continues to rise. The climate continues to change. Less of the land will be suitable for farming but there are more mouths to feed! How can we genetically engineer plants to survive and photosynthesise efficiently?
Dr Hartwell will discuss cutting-edge genetic research and how solving the food crisis might be the most important area of research in the future.  His talk is essential viewing for A level biologists.

Thursday 12th October

Most relevant for Y13 biologists, although all are welcome
12.30 in L6

COMPETITION: Design a Biology Board Game

Create a game to teach or revise any aspect of Biology.
It must be:

  • Engaging and good fun to play
  • Innovative and effective
  • Well designed, with a name, a box, instructions and everything required to play

Bring your entry to L6 on Friday lunchtime.  It will then be played by our expert panel of testers and winners will be announced before half term.

Friday 13th October

All welcome to enter – in teams or solo entries
Deadline for entries: Friday 13th  October

COMPETITION: Photography Deadline

Picture It: Your Environment
Your photo should show the beauty of the environment and environmental science and its impact on you.
All entries must be accompanied by a 1-2 sentence summary describing how the photo captures the effect of the environment or environmental science on you.
Email entries to crussell@aggs.bfet.uk
First Prize: Dr Pickering has kindly donated his a Canon 1DS – a professional, full frame camera he used to take many of his own nature photographs.
Your picture can also be entered for a national competition by going to the website http://unearthed.nerc.ac.uk/
The first prize of this competition is a VIP invitation to the opening of the RRS Sir David Attenborough in autumn 2018.

Friday 13th October

All welcome to enter
Deadline for entries: Friday 13th October

SPECIAL EVENT: Post Mortem Day

Ever wanted to see what happens during a post mortem? Keen to learn more about the human body and see how organs work together to keep us alive?
This unique experience will allow you to watch a post mortem on a semi-synthetic body.  Real (animal) organs will be used to demonstrate human physiology and over the course of the workshop you will learn more about human anatomy and the diseases of these organs.
Places are limited and each ticket costs £20.  See your biology teacher for more information.
Note: some of the content is aimed at A level Biology students.

Saturday 14th October

Dining room

Click here to download the Biology Week 2017 timetable

Wilmott Dixon Enterprise day – What would be your ideal school!

Y10 Enterprise - Willmott Dixon

We have been very fortunate that Willmott Dixon agreed to deliver a second Enterprise day to the whole of Year 10 on Friday 14th July.
“The Willmott Dixon enterprise day is designed to encourage employability skills, whilst highlighting curriculum links to the construction industry”.

During the morning the groups completed 3 team building tasks and were awarded points not only for the result but also how well they communicated together and worked as a team. The points were then totalled and this was then used to work out their budget for the build of a new school.

Each group had to calculate how many classrooms they needed; receptions, staff rooms, sports facilities; swimming pool etc. They then used the costing sheets to calculate how much their school would cost. It was a very fraught day especially when disaster struck at lunchtime and they had to spend £5,000,000 in order to fix the problem.

Each of the groups had to present their ideas to the judges and an overall winner was chosen. The winning group were Caitlin Dennehy, Natasha Devbhandari, Diana Gibbons, Imogen Gordon, Poppy Hall and Olivia Davey-Bashir from 10-5. Next term they will have the opportunity to visit a building in Manchester which is currently being constructed by Willmott Dixon. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see the range of career opportunities and progression paths available in the construction industry.

We look forward to working with Willmott Dixon again next year as it was a fantastic day and all of the students enjoyed it but more importantly they not only built on their enterprise skills but also learnt about possible career paths.