STEM Ambassador

Friday saw our first STEM ambassador visit. Natalie Brock is a structural engineer and came to talk to our structures group about why a career in engineering might suit them, and how structural engineering and problem solving go hand in hand.
Thank you for your visit, Natalie!

Racing Rockets

Mr Roberts had set up light gates and data loggers for us to measure speed today, but who’s rocket was fastest?

I think we had a clear winner!

Pringles week! Group C

Is shape important? How can I use different shapes to make different structures? STEM club investigated…

Rocket launch Group A

Who’s will go the furthest? Who may have to adapt their design? How will we control the variables of the launch?

Week 1 – Group C

Can I build a structure out of brittle materials that is able to take a given mass? Our STEM club had a go!

Week 1 -Group A

Can you make a rocket? What factors do you need to think about to make a distance rocket?
Students worked with our year 11 and 12 STEM ambassadors to design