San Francisco day 1


Sunday, 1st April

Arrived safely if somewhat bedraggled to our ‘shabby chic’ hotel, The Whitcomb. Quick check-in and off we coached to Pier 39 for food, sea lions aplenty lounging in the evening sun and a bite to eat. Mexican, the obligatory pizza and donuts were rather a popular option.

Don’t Forget!

  • Just to remind you to be at school by 2:30 am with your passport and letter stating I can take you out of the country and one giving permission to swim if we get chance.
    Have a good sleep beforehand too.
    Miss Hickman

It’s nearly time…

Only 5 days to go and we are all really excited.  I have copied a rough itinerary below which includes emergency contact details for me whilst we are away travelling in the UK.  Most importantly do not forget passports and please send your child with any medication such as cold sore cream, antihistamines, anti-sickness medication etc.   See you on Sunday!

Emergency Contact number for the trip: Mandy Hickman (trip leader) 07505361163 or email

Sunday                 1/4/18

Meet by 02:30 at school. Remember passports and any medicines you may need including anti-sickness and cold sore cream.

03:00 drive to Heathrow

08:00 arrive    (London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3)

08:15 Check in   Virgin Atlantic Airways (Flight Number: VS19)

11:15 Depart

14:15 Arrive in San Francisco coach to Hotel Whitcomb.

Monday               2/4/18


Tuesday               3/4/18

Bike tour

Wednesday       4/4/18

Set off to Mammoth Mountain Inn

Thursday             5/4/18


Friday                   6/4/18


Saturday              7/4/18


Sunday                 8/4/18


Monday               9/4/18


Tuesday               10/4/18

Set off to San Francisco airport via shopping mall.

Depart 17:50  Virgin Atlantic Airways (Flight Number: VS20)

Wednesday       11/4/18

Arrive at Heathrow 12:05, Arrive at school, Altrincham 17:30 ish depending on traffic etc.  I will encourage your children to text you when we set off from the airport and when we are about 30 mins away from Altrincham.

Not long now!

Only 10 weeks to go! Please ensure that passports are renewed if they run out within 6 months of our return to the UK.

All will need an ESTA, should be about $14.  If we get to Heathrow and this is not completed then your child will be waiting at Heathrow for you to pick them up!  Send a photocopy or email confirming this has been done with the application number.

If there are any medical changes please let me know: email

We will be staying at:

Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

And then

Mammoth Mountain Inn, 10400 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

Most importantly make sure you are riding your bike regularly, it is quite tiring going up the hills in San Francisco.


IMPORTANT: Change of Plans

Due to cancellation of flights by Virgin, our arrangements have changed for the Spring break trip.

Our new flights are

1/4/18  11.50am London Heathrow to San Francisco

11/4/18 Arriving back in London Heathrow at 12.05 pm

Of course these are subject to change.  We will now be taking a coach to London and back again.


I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Mandy Hickman

Change of Dates.

The travel company has just been in touch with a change of dates for our Easter trip. We will now be leaving on the 1st of April (flight time currently 11:20 am subject to change, meeting at Manchester at about 8am) and coming back at about noon on the 11th of April. We will now be travelling from Manchester and will not have a coach trip after our long flight home.  I am sorry if anyone has made plans for the Easter weekend.  This change means that not only do we not have a coach trip on either side of our flights, but also it is a little cheaper. I was about to ask for extra payments due to the increase in costs and exchange rate but now will probably not have to do this.
Pupils will have to be dropped off and picked up from Manchester airport rather than at school.

Information needed!

Please would everyone ensure that payments are up to date,  all pupils should bring in a signed copy of the code of conduct as well as a photocopy of their passport.  This should go in an envelope with the pupils name on for attention of Miss Hickman.  This can be handed in at reception or to me directly.

Code of conduct sheets can be found in:

Pupil Read-DofE-Skiing-Code of conduct


Hi to everyone going to Mammoth Easter 2018.
We have the dates for the trip. It starts on the 3rd April and ends on the 13th April 2018. We do not have exact times yet.