Changes to the Merit Trips!

Year 11 School Council

School council are currently considering changing the merit trip system, whereby in every year, four students per form with the most merits earned, will win a trip of their choice as a reward. Previously, our system was based on the form with the most merits won, however we have discussed feedback from school council members, and students, who are worried about people who don’t enter the pursuit of gaining merits. We would appreciate all your views in order to come to some sort of majority decision.

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2 thoughts on “Changes to the Merit Trips!

  1. Archita Gulati

    I think it is a good thing to be competitive – but as the children have been working as a team to be the form for the most merit points already for this year – the change could be considered from the next academic year. Team working is also an important lesson in life which we have to use day in and day out at work and sometimes the most academic of students can forget about working as a team.

    I felt this was a good initiative to build on these skills.


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