Please sponsor our fab teams of Marathon Running Superheroes !!

Please sponsor our fab teams of Marathon Running Superheroes !!
In less than two weeks’ time, on Sunday 8th April 2018, seven superhero members of staff and two brave Year 8 mums, are running in the Manchester Marathon, to help raise much needed funds for our school.

We have two teams of four, running the course as a relay – and Mr Armstrong is leaving his physics department to run the marathon in full (and hopefully will get a fantastic new PB time!).
Team A consists of Mrs Ogunmyiwa (Vice Principal & PTA Chair), Mr Berry (School Business & Finance Manager), Mrs Cleary (Assistant Vice Principal) and Mrs Walker (Assistant Vice Principal).
Team G (The Legs) have runners Mrs Reynolds (Head of PE), Ms Payne (Art Teacher & Year 10 Senior Tutor), Sarah Hocking (Evie’s mum, Year 8) and Nicola Stanley (Isobel‘s mum, Year 8).

Not only are these brave runners setting a fabulous example to our children and students at the school, they are hoping that all the lovely parents, friends and local companies will show their support and dig deep and sponsor them.

All money raised will go to AGGS PTA to help us buy much needed equipment and help fund educational needs for our school. Previous PTA purchases include a new fridge for food technology, picnic benches, PH monitors for science, headphones and keyboards for the music rooms, beanbags in the library, mirrors for Dance .. the list goes on. In addition, the PTA is funding for the first time this year, the end of year merit trips and also the badges for the rewards assembly; we also hope to finish the infamous ‘ledge’.

Thank you to our runners for supporting us on our wild idea, conceived in the school dining hall; we truly appreciate your time, in both running and training for this.

To sponsor the teams above, please use the following link. Sponsorship is welcome in all shapes and sizes – literally every penny counts!

Please sponsor our fab teams of Marathon Running Superheroes !!