Netball Match Reports

Year 7 V Wirral 7th October

Today (07/10/17), at AGGS , the year 7 team of netball players played against Loreto Grammar School for Girls. This seemed like a very intense game at the start but as we progressed, we realised that we were doing well.
The game started off and we managed to get the ball into our shooting third and in the first few minutes, Tilly Young (GA) shot and scored. A few minutes later, Loreto GS scored off a rebound. this made the score 1-1. 7 minutes later, Loreto GS scored again, making the score 2-1 to Loreto. Luckily, Bette caught a rebound and scored to make us draw with Loreto. At halftime, it was 2-2.
Starting the 2nd half with an AGGS ball, Lucy Burke (C) passed down the side – where we’re supposed to shoot – and we scored in the next few seconds. This was scored by Tilly (GA) again, off rebound. The ball passed onto Loreto as we scored. The defending side of AGGS managed to prevent many goals but Loreto managed to score just one more goal creating the score 3-3. At the very last moment Tilly scored the last goal, smoothly turning it into 4-3 as the final score. Tilly got The Man of the Match as she scored many goals. Our first ever home match turned out to be just the way that we wanted it to.
Ria Parmar,

Year 9 V Wirral 7th October

The year 9 A team played Wirral A and the score was 6-6. The first half was very good with AGGS winning 4-3 this worked well because the defence were very tight and we managed to get it into the circle. I think we needed to improve our backlines in this half because for example when we intercepted it against the opposition we couldn’t get into enough space and everyone was moving into the same space. Also, when it was our centre Neave (GA) was coming forward to offer because no one was getting the ball which meant she wasn’t getting near the circle to shoot. The defence consisted of Aimee, Henny and Olivia who worked well as a team and got many great interceptions but we needed to get the turnover afterwards. Charlotte and Holly worked very well together when it was our centre and helped to get the ball to the circle. Neave and Charlotte also worked well together by getting the rebound for one another.

The second half was also good but Wirral gained on us with them scoring 3 in the next half and us only scoring two I think we were feeling more frantic in this quarter and so threw more balls away. Henny played amazingly in the match as GK she stuck to her player and got rebounds so she got the player of the match! Overall the team was good but our main aim is passing and calming down.


Aimee Roberts

Year 11 V Loreto 7th October

The final score was 17-3 to AGGS, after two 10 minute halves. The match was shortened due to bad weather conditions, with heavy rain and medium strength winds. AGGS were at an immediate advantage, as Loreto were missing two players, one position of which being filled by one of AGGS’s spare players.

Positive parts of our game:

· Tight defence in the circle, with many interceptions from both GD and GK.

· Good work around the circle from C and WA into GA and effective holding from GS.

· All players offering on the centre pass, with support from defence for the entirety of the game.

· Fast transfer through centre court from defence into attack.

Negative parts of our game:

· Slowing our play down and not playing to our best ability when the other team played slower and less efficient netball.

· Not keeping to set backline plays. Many times, players were in each other’s spaces up court.

· At times, players were driving weakly (perhaps due to the wet courts) and therefore, passes were delayed. These delayed passes were often weak and loopy.

To conclude, the bad weather conditions hindered our performance, however, we gained many turnovers and we were able to convert these into goals.


Lucy Wilkinson

Manchester and District Tournament 23rd September 2017


On Saturday 23rd September, the year 9 netball team played in the Manchester and district tournament at Bury Grammar School. We played 5 matches in total winning 4 and unfortunately losing 1.

We started off by playing St Gabriel’s B. All of us agree that we did not play well and we were making silly mistakes resulting in the score only being 2-1. We just couldn’t seem to get the ball down the court and into the net without being intercepted or someone messing up in some way or another.

Secondly we played St Gabriel’s A and we won this 9-3. Our down the court passing was much improved and we gelled together much better. We made very few mistakes and everyone was running on diagonals towards the centre of the court when possible, to move the ball quicker in a straight line.

Our 3rd match was against Bury A and right from the whistle we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. In the first half we put everything we had learnt in training into the match and we scored 7 with Bury very rarely touching the ball. But at the end of that first half we let them score 3 times within the space of about 90 seconds. This meant at half time we were leading by 4. In the second half it was very close with us always leading by one but nevertheless was very stressful. When we had about 10 seconds left we managed to get the ball down to our end and in the goal resulting in the final score being 9-7 to us.

Our fourth match was against Bury B and this was the only match we lost. None of us played particularly well and as soon as the goal difference widened all of our heads dropped. We were easily the better side than them, but during the match we dropped down to their level rather than playing at our normal level, which would have forced them to work harder. The final score was a very disappointing 13-4.

Finally, we played Wright Robinson which was a good match to end on because we knew how they played and many of us played our best in that match. All our passing was in front of the player, all runs were diagonal and all turns were outwards meaning it was very hard for their defenders to get the ball. We won this match 12-2.

When it came to the awards ceremony we were drawn on points with Bury A and B. But overall we came 3rd because of goal difference.

In my opinion we need to work on staying consistent throughout all of our matches and putting what we learnt in training into our games. But we should all be very proud of ourselves.

(written by Neave Bray)

Withington Girls 16th September 2017


On Saturday 16th September the year 7 A netball team played against Withington Girls School. In the first quarter Olivia and Ria played well and executed some strong passes but unfortunately their defence could not stop the opposition from sinking their shots. In the second quarter Jess and Karina came close to making some great shots but they just fell short, however Lucy, Tilly and Charlotte worked well together particularly when bringing the ball through court. In the penultimate quarter Olivia and Tara were strong in defence making some great tips and interceptions. As a whole the team players amazingly considering it was our first game together and Withington had some strong players. The team consisted of

Tilly (Captain), Karina, Ria, Olivia, Tara, Charlotte, Freya ,Lucy (player of the match) and Jess

(written by Tilly Young)

U13 VII 21-30

The match has a shaky start with the team giving away two of our centre passes and we were then down by three goals. In hindsight I think this was due to our lack of focus in our warm up. However, we carried on and began to pull it back and started the second quarter still only three goals down. We were a lot more focused in the second quarter, which we drew, and pulled it back in third quarter which ended 19-19. Jenna made a huge contribution to this with some great interceptions and created some crucial opportunities on centre passes. However, the fourth quarter let us down and in the end we lost 30-21. We performed poorly and the team came away very disappointed, our fitness let us down, we lacked speed and we dropped too many balls. However, we never gave up. Zofia was man of the match and created lots of opportunities for the shooters. The defence as a whole made many interceptions but struggled when it came to rebounds. The shooters at times missed some crucial shots and we need to work harder in training to ensure this doesn’t happen again. As a team we need to work on passing accuracy and maintaining possession, but it was a great start to the season, giving us plenty to work on.

(written by Lucy Buckley)

U14 VII 15-23

I thought everyone played really well and even though we were losing everyone fought on. I think we really need to work on passing, particularly from a backline pass. I think Tallia deserved player of the match as she filled in as shooter at the last minute and made some great shots. I think the whole team still needs to gel better on court, we made some silly mistakes and gave away easy balls which cost us the game. Henny and Sarah worked really hard in defence and got some great interceptions, Aimee was strong at wing defence and throughout the game. Holly was great at driving on centre passes and Jasmine at wing attack helped link up the court. Emma made some great shots and utilised a change of direction well. In the last 2 quarters our heads weren’t in it and we didn’t use the space on court and seemed to always end up playing down one side of the court. Overall the score was 23-15 to Withington, but the goal difference could have been a lot less if shooters had been given more opportunities to shoot. Great game…lets win next time!!

Quarter scores

Overall Score Quarter by Quarter
1 6 5 6 5
2 12 7 6 2
3 19 11 7 4
4 23 15 4 4

(written by Charlotte Tribe)


Strengths: Coming out for centre passes was generally good with some support from defence. Our team showed good communication throughout the game and although we were losing, most people kept the intensity. Shooting was general on target and accurate, with both shooters ensuring they don’t enter each other’s space and they cut the line of the ball. Wing attach and centre held well around the circle edges securing the pockets and top of the D.

Areas for Improvement: Don’t throw or run laterally.  Ensure we run to the ball or into a better space, although defensively we were good and applied some pressure, our attacking players need to make the transition from defence to attack quicker, marking their players and stepping up sooner. We also need to work on our second stage of defence so we are applying pressure on the pass more often. We missed rebounds and need to ensure we are boxing out and keeping attackers away from the post.  As a whole we need to work on fitness and speed through court.

(written by Laura Mallinder)




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