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Maccabi GB International Games

Maccabi GBCalling all Jewish sports stars; do you want to represent GB at the Maccabi world games? If so find out more about the trials here.
Maccabi World Youth Games – 23rd July – 1st August 2018 – Israel.
For 14-16 year olds in Basketball, Football, Futsal, Rugby 7’s, Dance and Netball with 1,000 athletes attending from around the World. These Games focus on the non-elite side of sports competition, where participants will compete in a non-judgmental and supportive, social environment.
JCC Maccabi Games – 2nd August – 12th August 2018 – Orange County, LA.
For 13-16 year olds in Football, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Lacrosse and Dance with over 3,000 young athletes coming together from across the US and other international countries. These Games focus on the non-elite side of sports competition, where participants will compete in a non-judgmental and supportive, social environment.
European Maccabi Games – 29th July – 7th August 2019 – Budapest.
An elite competition for 14-18 year olds in a range of sports where over 2,000 of the best Jewish athletes from over 30 countries from across Europe will compete.
Great Britain’s participation is always eagerly anticipated in these events. With the number of sports available and Jewish athletes spread across the UK, could it be you who takes up one of these exciting sporting opportunities?? 


The year 9 and 7 teams had mixed fortunes against Loreto. The year 7 team was made up of girls who had not played for school before and who play a special game called ‘diddly-diddly’. Each team played 3 matches of 15 minutes. How many games can you win in 15 minutes? The year 7 team had a great time and won by 36 games to 10. The year 9 team (which included a number of girls who had not played for school this season) had a tough time losing to a very strong team. 

Both teams played some very good tennis. Well done.


Congratulations to the year 10 team tennis team. They beat Queen’s School, Chester 6-0 to win the Cheshire round of the competition. The team now go into the National knock-out draw in September. Well done to Livvi, Georgia, Sophie and Olivia and good luck in September. The ‘B’ also played a friendly match but lost 5-1 to a very strong Queen’s ‘B’ team.


The tennis teams had wonderful results at Chester this weekend. Two couples from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 made up the match playing two matches of 30 minutes each : how many games can you win in 20 minutes, on a lovely sunny day.

The U15 team won by 40 games to 2.

The U14 team won by 40 games to 9

The U13 team won by 27 games to 14

The U12 team won. Y 38 games to 4.

Such is our strength at ‘Alti Girls’. Well done to all who played.


Well done to the girls who played in this Saturday morning fixture. 20/25 minute matches were played. How many games could each pair win in that time?

The year 9 team won by 51 games to 38

Year 9 team with their opponents

The year 8 team won 44 games to 29

The year 7 team won by 48 games to 34.

Year 7 and 8 teams


6 year 7 couples were split into 2 teams.

The ‘A’ team won by 27 games to 16

The ‘B’ team won by 20 games to 13

Well done to everyone who played. For some girls it was their first match.

Whilst the match was going on 11 other year 7 players were being coached on the Bowdon Tennis Club grass courts. They had a great time playing on a surface that they not played on before. Thanks to Dave for coaching them.


The year 8 squad played in. A friendly match against Loreto after school. There were 6 couples split into Team 1 and Team 2.

Each couple had 3 15 minute matches to play : how many games can you win in 15 minutes. They were short matches but it was very hot and didn’t think the girls could cope with much more at the end of the day.

Team 1 lost by 23 games to 25.

Team 2 won by 34 games to 12.

Well done girls. Team 1 – you will get them next time!!!!!


The year 10 team have 5 matches to play in their first round of the competition. If they win all 5 matches they will qualify for the National Schools’ knock out stage of the competition in September.

They have played 2 matches so far.

The first was against Lymm High School which they won 6 matches to 0.

They then played Wilmslow High School and again won 6-0.

Well done girls.

We play Queens’ School, Chester and Fallibroome High School towards the end of June. Good luck.



The tennis teams had their first match of the season against Stockport Grammar School on Saturday with great success.

Each team comprised of 3 couples playing 3 matches against the other couples. Each couple had 3 players, each playing 2 of the 3 games so more girls were involved in competitive tennis. Each match was for 20 minutes. How many games could you win in the allotted time?

Year 9’s : won by 58 games to 13

Year 8’s won by 41 games to 27

Year 7 won by 41 games to 18

What wonderful results girls : well done.

We play Stockport again, away on the first Saturday after half term for years 7-10 (own transport please) so here’s to another successful match.