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South Africa 

Girls – don’t forget the final meeting on Thursday 2nd July in the gym at lunchtime. Bring your lunch. It may go on into period 5. We will go though everything you could possible want to know. You will be given 2 booklets : one for you to take with you on the tour and one for your parents. Please bring a pen to write further notes if required. You will also be given your new stick bag and small travel bag. At the moment I do not know if your kit or large bag for all your clothes will be ready by then or not. If it is I will let you know. We may have to meet again.


All parents should be receiving some information and a disclaimer that needs to be signed regarding going whale watching and looking for sharks. It says on the information that we will be going in a cage to look for sharks. We are not going to be doing this. We will be looking for sharks from the safety of our boat!!!

Also…….I have put some other information in your daughter’s register. I am trying all ways to try to get information to you. I know that not everyone gets the emails Miss Cutts-Watson sends out.