PE and School Sport Extra Curricular Timetable

Extracurricular Timetable Winter 2018

The extra curricular timetable will start on Tuesday 4th September.

NOTE : All hockey practices will take place on the astro turf at school until October half term when we will move to Bowdon.

Lunch Time  After School 
Hockey  Netball  Hockey  Netball 
Monday Year 7 Badminton 4-6pm  U13s and U14s squad training
Tuesday Years 8 and 9 U15s, U16s and X1 U12s squad training
Wednesday Years 10 and 11 Years 10 and 11 U12 and U13 squad training U15s, U16s and seniors
Thursday Year 7 Year 8 U14s Squad training
Friday  Year 7 and 8 Year 9