The hockey teams had their final full fixture of the season on Saturday against Merchant Taylor School, Liverpool and the girls went out in style!!!

As it was the 1stX1’s final match of the season, as is tradition, they dressed up, this year as grapes. The arrived at school early (even before Mrs Finch arrived – which is always early!!!!!) to blow up all their purple balloons.

They had a great match and won 5-0. The balloons did not get in the way as much as we thought they would but they kept coming off in regular intervals, all congregating in the far corner of the pitch ( which the year 8 girls popped Laure on in the morning!!).

For Becky, Genevieve, Katie, Hannah, Beth, Amy and Rosie it was their last match for school. Unfortunately Alice (the eighth player from year 13) was unable to play. The girls have been a great bunch to work with and Mrs Finch would like to thank them all for their hard work, commitments and dedication to school hockey throughout the seven years that they have been playing together. You will be very greatly missed.

Thank you to all the year 12 players too and good luck to you all in the coming season.

Here are some piccies of the girls enjoying their final match for school.

Meanwhile the other teams were winning in style.

U16X1 won 8-0

The U15X1 won 5-1

The U14X1 won 10-0

U14 team with their two injured players!!

The U13X1 won 12-0 : Wow!!!!

The year 7 ‘A’ team won 8-0 and the year 7 ‘B’ team won 11-0

What a great morning’s hockey girls – well done everyone.

There are one or two matches remaining, during the week and over the next 2 Saturdays so keep your eyes peeled on the board.