Talent Inspiration Programme

Congratulations to the following six young inspirational athletes who were nominated and then selected onto this programme. Only 50 places were available to athletes in Greater Manchester, so quite an achievement.

Siobhan Driscoll – hockey.                                                                                     Hannah Macdonald – hockey.                                                                                 Jessica McDowell – hockey.                                                                                    Niamh Hill – netball.                                                                                                  Laura Mallinder – netball.                                                                                           Ellie Heathcock – rowing

With young people at the heart of this programme, the activities are specifically designed to engage and inspire young athletes and encourage them to start to think about how they can reach their sporting potential and the impact that will have on their development as a young person. The programme will consist of theoretical workshops, practical sessions and the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an athlete at the Sainsbury’s School Games Level 4 event.

We are very proud that so many have been selected onto the programme from ‘Alti Girls’ and we are sure that all six girls will make the best of this great opportunity. Well done girls.