The student money manual is a great guide for those going off to Uni; helping you to plan your finances, giving you ideas etc.

Please find below a link to the online version which is well worth printing off.


I am a Pharmacist from Wythenshawe Hospital and I am organising an open afternoon for students interested in a career in Pharmacy.
It will be held on the 4th of October 2-5pm at the Pharmacy Department and will be a brief overview of the profession, entry requirements & general information.
If any students are interested please could they email myself so I can add them to the list.
Many thanks,
Victoria Whelton
Rotational Pharmacist
University Hospital of South Manchester
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT
Aircall via switch


Make your Oxbridge application super savvy
If you’ve got excellent grades, passion for your subject and a love of learning, Oxford or Cambridge could be the perfect place to study for your degree – and nothing should stop you from applying by Sunday 15th October.
Check out our guide to boosting your chances by making a savvy application. We start by busting some Oxbridge myths.
Some myths you might have heard about Oxbridge and why they’re wrong:
  1. “It’s not for me, I won’t fit in” – 63% of Cambridge undergrads starting a course in 2016 came from a state school, and 58% for Oxford.
  2. “I won’t get in, there’s no point in applying” – Over a quarter of UK undergraduate applicants were offered a place at Cambridge for 2016-17, and 20% of Oxford applicants.
  3. “I’m no good at interviews” – You should certainly practice interviewingat school and home and make sure you’re prepared, but interviewers know how to see through the nerves to recognise potential and passion.
  4. “Interviewers like to throw rugby balls at candidates” – No they don’t.
If you’re not convinced, you can take a look in detail at Oxford’s andCambridge’s admissions stats to see figures for gender, ethnicity, region, disability and more.
Be savvy to boost your chances of getting in:
You can improve your chances of getting a place by being savvy – here’s how to do it.
You will need: The admissions stats for Cambridge and Oxford.
  • Choosing a university: You can apply to either Oxford or Cambridge, but not both. Cambridge has a better overall success rate for applicants.
  • Choosing a college: Cambridge and Oxford are made up of different colleges, and you can apply to one or submit an open application to any. Look at application numbers and success rates for each college to boost your chance of getting an offer.
  • Choosing a course: If you’re still deciding which subject to study, you can see the number of applicants who apply for individual courses to see how competitive each subject is.

Always do your own research before applying, and think carefully about your personal priorities. Never choose a subject you’re not that interested in just because you think you might get a place.

Making your application:

  1. Apply through UCAS: Include your college on your UCAS application as normal. Make sure you apply by the Oxbridge deadline of 15th October.
  2. Extra tests or applications: You might need to do an extra test or fill in a separate application form depending on your subject – check your department’s website to find out. Cambridge will email you a link to a questionnaire after you apply through UCAS.
  3. Interviews: Your college will write to let you know whether or not they’d like to interview you. Interviews usually take place in the first few weeks of December.
  4. Pooling: If you’re not accepted by the college where you interviewed, you may be “pooled”. That means other colleges get the chance to look at your application and invite you to another interview after Christmas.

An interesting read..

Explore the UK arms trade as the biggest UK based arms fair starts today. Find out more here. 

Ranvitha’s Dance Performance with the National Youth Ballet

Ranvitha, Y8, was selected by The National Youth Ballet of Great Britain to join the cast in their 30th Anniversary production, Time in Motion.

Ranvitha has spent the second half of August rehearsing at the Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham before she performed at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham and Sadler’s Wells in London. She had a great time working with eminent dancers and choreographers.

Time in Motion featured seven short ballets linked together, with traditional and contemporary works set to music by composers such as Saint-Saens, Delibes and Britten. The performances were said to be absolutely amazing!


See the article about Ranvitha on the Messenger:


Succeed whatever your start

Hurricane devastation

Find out more about the devastation caused by hurricane Irma here on the Channel 4 news website.

Hockey Fixtures 2017

Below are the Hockey fixtures for 2017 until Christmas

For home matches please arrive at least 30 mins before the start time in order to warm up thoroughly before the match. You should arrive in SCHOOL KIT.

Sat 9th Sept Home Vs Newcastle 9:15am  1stX1, U15,  10:15am U14, U13

Sat 16th Sept Home Vs Kirkham 9:45am 1stX1, U14s 10:45am U16s, U13s 11:45am U15s

Sat 23rd Sept Home Vs AKS Lytham 9:10 1stX1, U16s, 10:10am U15s, U12s A and B 11:10 U13s U14s

Sat 30th Sept Away Vs Queens team TBA

THURS 5th October U16s national Schools at Manchester High 1pm Start

Sat 7th October Away Vs Kings U16s and U12s Please meet there for a 9:00am Start.

TUESDAY 10th October U14s national schools at Cheadle Hulme 1pm Start

WEDNESDAY 11th October Home Vs Wellington Year 7 A and B team

THURSDAY 12th October U18s National Schools Provisional Date (1) at AGGS

Saturday 14th October Home Vs Rydal Penrhos Conway 10am 1stX1, U15s 11am U14s U13s – 7 a side and U12s – 7 a side

TUESDAY 17th October Away Vs MHSG 1st X1

WEDNESDAY 18th October Home Vs Rishworth U16s 3:45pm start

THURSDAY 19th October U18s National Schools Provisional Date (2) at AGGS

Saturday 4th November Home vs Cheadle Hulme 9am 1stX1 U14s, 10am U16s, U15s 11am U12s A and B U13s

TUESDAY 7th November Away Vs Sale U15s leave at 3:30pm

Saturday 11th November Home Vs Queens Chester teams TBA

TUESDAY 14th November Away Vs Sale U14s leave at 3:30pm

Saturday 18th November Away Vs AKS All teams leave at 7:30am

Saturday 25th November Home vs Stockport Grammar team TBA

Saturday 2nd December Home vs Cheadle Hulme  9am 1stX1 U14s, 10am U16s, U15s 11am U12s A and B U13s

TUESDAY 5th December Away Vs Sale U16s leave at 3:30pm

Saturday 9th December Home Vs St Edwards team TBA

TUESDAY 12th December Away Vs Sale U13s leave at 3:30pm

Please see the notice board each week for updates on Teams and travel arrangements.

Mrs K.Reynolds PE


Thought for the Week

In union there is strength.


New Half Price 16-18 bus ticket

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