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STEM Club’s 10 Beautiful Chicks

STEM Club Chicks
STEM Club ChicksSTEM club have worked long and hard to raise money to hatch some eggs in school. Ten eggs arrived on Monday along with an incubator, a brooder and all the food and bedding required. Our first hatch was on Tuesday and the last on Thursday. For the first time ever we have had 100% success rate and now have 10 beautiful chicks; 2 boys and 8 girls. Some students have even been lucky enough to witness a hatching. We are investigating at what age they lose their egg tooth and what age they start getting feathers. We are also weighing them daily to see if the boys and girls grow at different rates. The chicks will stay with us for another week before returning to live on a free-range farm. Earlier in the year we ran a competition to name the chicks and the lucky winners will be announced next week.
STEM Club Chicks





STEM Club Success

STEM-club - chocolate making projectSTEM-clubs

We have come as ‘Highly Commended’ in a STEM club competition for the activity we were running in the lead up to National STEM Clubs Week. Despite the large numbers of high quality submissions the judges were most impressed with our entry, and we are to receive a certificate acknowledging our achievement.

See below the entry from our STEM club for the STEM club week competition:

STEM-club_chocolate-making-project-2Chocolate-making Project

Initially, the students designed their moulds on computers using a CAD program. Their designs were then laser-cut in two layers which students sanded down and then built up into a former. The following week students created their moulds using the vacuum-former and then melted and poured their chocolate.

Well done to the girls and staff who helped.

STEM Day – Tomorrow’s Engineers

Building cars on STEM Day - Tomorrow’s Engineers

On Thursday, 4th June, 60 year 8s spent 3 hours participating in a workshop with Tomorrow’s Engineers. The pupils started by looking at how our population is growing and the types of energy we will need to use in the future, participating in a market-place exercise to find out about different forms of energy. The workshop culminated in students making solar powered cars which required a lot of problem solving to ensure their motor was actually connected to their wheels! By the end of the workshop every group had a car that worked at least some of the time and their cars were raced against each other.

Find a more detailed report on the school News blog: