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Fandom Day

Fandom Day, 3rd March 2017
Fandom Day, 3rd March 2017

Today Year 8 school council reps have organised Fandom Day to help raise funds for the library. Students were asked to choose their favourite book character, film character, celebrity, anything they are a fan of and then dress up depicting this fandom. The costumes were fabulous, from Willy Wonker to Harry Potter to Manchester United, the costumes were so varied and some have made an amazing effort.

Well done to Year 8 School Council for organising 🙂

School Council – You Say – We Did

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You Say: We Did:
Year 7
The changing rooms really stink! We need a water fountain in Breeze Hill
We raised money to ensure that the air fresheners could be refilled in the drama changing rooms and the PE changing rooms.Helped create a pitch to the PTA to fund the remaining money needed for a water fountain in Breeze Hill.
Year 8
That patch of mud/grass near the green building looks horrible.
We have continued to develop plans and are starting to put things in place to fully develop a sustainable garden in this area. A gardening club has been started run by those who have spearheaded this project this year.
WATCH THIS SPACE for changes…
Year 9
We need a water fountain in Breeze Hill The outside space by the library and the Lodge looks horrible
We raised money via a sweet stall and have gained funds from the PTA to install a water fountain in September. We have worked with the PTA and have launched a competition to design a mosaic and redevelop this whole area. Plans are in place and the competition winner will be announced shortly.
Year 10
I’m stressed out about my exams what do I do? We don’t understand the expectations for learning.
We have made a revision guide with tips and ways to help you get through GCSEs. This will be given to all students in yr 10 & yr 11 in September. We rewrote the expectations for learning and made them way more pupil friendly.
Year 11
There is no platform for students to share what they have done.
Created the pupil led “Speak it” page.