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Code breaking workshop

Code Breaking Workshop run by Students to Y7s

On Wednesday 5th July, some of the Year 11 students who competed so successfully in the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition, run by the University of Manchester, returned to school to run a cryptography competition of their own. All of year 7 got to hear some of the tips and tricks Helen, Fiona, Miranda, Antonia, Hannah, Katie, Amy and Ellie had learned through the competition and then took part in a competition planned and executed to perfection. Four codes, designed to test the skills of the year 7s revealed the code to a safe, containing prizes for the winning team. One year 7 student said: “We had a great time breaking the codes- I didn’t realise it could be so much fun!

Code Breaking Workshop run by Students to Y7s

Year 9 Maths Challenge Success

Y9 Maths Challenge, July 2017
Y9 Maths Challenge, July 2017

Seven of our year 9 pupils participated in a mathematics team challenge in Manchester High School for Girls on Wednesday the 5th of July. This was very competitive as they had to solve challenging problems under timed conditions. Our year 9 pupils did extremely well to finish second out of 6 teams.

Well done to our pupils that were involved:

Bhargavi D, Vera P, Srihitha N, Emily C, Zoe A, Akanksha D, Amber T

Maths/MFL Roadshow

Math/MFL Roadshow, June 2017
Math/MFL Roadshow, June 2017

On Thursday close to seventy Year 8 and Year 9 pupils from seven different schools across the area (including AGGS, Cedar Mount and MCA) got together in the AGGS main hall for the Maths/MFL Roadshow. The hall was alive with activity and conversation as the pupils set to solving maths problems in pairs. The extra challenge was that all the problems were written in French, Spanish or German! Pupils worked really well together, some even managed to work out problems in languages they weren’t studying. There were some very helpful Year 10 students from AGGS present to help out when the going got tough and to check answers when success had been achieved.

Thank you to everyone who helped out in any way to make the event run so smoothly, we will hope to be running a similar Roadshow next year.’

Maths Cryptography Success

Maths Cryptography Success
Maths Cryptography Success

A team of talented year 11 mathematicians have won the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition run by the University of Manchester. Helen, Miranda, Amy and Hannah defeated teams from schools around the country, breaking a variety of codes posted online faster than anybody else, so fast in fact that one of the maths lecturers setting the codes sought out the team to ask how they managed to solve them so quickly! They received their prize at the cryptography day hosted by the University, where they underlined their dominance of the competition by winning the live cryptography competition, becoming the first team to win both the online and live competitions in the same year. Well done girls!


Rachel’s Maths Achievement

Rachel G, Y7 Maths AcheivementRachel G from Year 7 won third prize in the 2017 MEM Challenge Competition (Mathematical Education on Merseyside).

The competition attracts 2000 entries annually and Rachel has been invited to attend a prize-giving ceremony at the University of Liverpool on the 10th of May.

Well Done Rachel!

Y12 Students at Maths Competition

Y12 Maths students attended a competition on Monday 27th March. They enjoyed the experience of working together as a team on some tricky questions. One round involved working individually on solving some specially constructed for the day Sumaze problems. These were tough!

For some easier Sumaze problems follow this link:

UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge 2016


UKMT Senior KangarooCongratulations to the following Year 12 and Year 13 pupils who were awarded certificates in this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge.

Year 13

Robyn W (Best in School, Best in Year, Gold)

Georgina B (Silver)

Bethany D (Sliver)

Alice P (Silver)

Hannah D (Silver)

Year 12

Charlotte C (Best in Year, Gold)

Tayyaba M (Silver)

Jyotsna A (Silver)

Florence H (Silver)

Eleanor C (Silver)

Milly K (Silver)

Erin P (Bronze)


Qiaochu W (Bronze)

Daria M (Bronze)

Tara M (Bronze)

In addition, both Robyn and Charlotte qualified for the Senior Kangaroo 2016 follow on round.  Robyn achieved a Merit in this competition.  Well done to all the competitors!

Senior Maths Team Challenge – Victory!

UKMTFor the third consecutive year our senior maths team has won the North West Regional finals of the UKMT Senior Team Mathematics Challenge at the University of Manchester.

They beat off competition from 28 other schools from across the North West and will travel to London to take on the best teams from around the country.

This is an amazing achievement for Rebecca, Tokino, Zoe and Jorja who have given up many lunchtimes and even after school to train for this event.

A special thanks must also go to Mrs Malkin for all her hard work in training, preparing and selecting the team.

Good luck for them in London!

The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

Alan Turing Competition, Y10, 2016

On Wednesday 27th April, 7 year 10 pupils attended the Alan Turing Cryptography Day hosted by the University of Manchester Mathematics Department. The day was the culmination of months of work for the girls who had taken part in the competition since January, breaking a series of complex codes in teams of 4.

A great time was had by all and everyone is looking forward to next year already!

Senior Team Maths Challenge

On the 2nd February, Tokino and Rebecca in Year 12 and Clarissa and Lydia in Year 13 travelled to London with Mrs Malkin to compete in the Senior Team Maths Challenge National Final. This was following winning the Manchester Regional Final back in November.

After an early train down to London we soon arrived at the Royal Horticultural Halls where the competition was being held.

UKMT Senior Students 2016The first round was the poster competition. This year the theme was Kirkman’s Schoolgirl Problem and Steiner Systems. Having prepared some materials in advance, we were able to produce what we believed to be a very attractive poster incorporating the answers to three questions on the topic posed to us on the day. We even managed to include some origami flowers!

Then the competition really started. We faced three separate rounds of tough questions: a group round, a cross-number and a relay round. We performed well as a team, and were particularly pleased with the group round in which we scored 57 points out of a possible 60.

Overall we finished 17th out of 86 teams competing. We are all incredibly proud of this achievement, especially since the competition was comprised largely of independent schools and was very male-dominated!

The school has now reached the national final of the competition for the past two years, so hopefully we can do the same again next year and be just as successful!