Year 9 Computing Students at Barclay’s ‘IT Girls Allowed’ Event

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'

On Thursday 19th October, we took 10 Year 9 students to Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed’ event at Radbroke Hall. The event is put on each year to inspire young girls into the ever growing world of computing and technology.

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'The day began with a talk from a young female apprentice who works in Barclay’s cryptography team. From there, the 10 attending schools were spilt into three groups and headed off to their first activity for the day. For us, it was to program robots to manoeuvre around a course. In pairs, the girls set out to program their robots to firstly follow a solid back line course – similar to a self-driving car. After much programming and testing, we all managed to successfully manoeuvre around the tricky course. Following this, the robots had to use their inter-red sensors to move around a space with objects in the way – similar to the mars rover.

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'Activity two was to design the future. The challenge was set to design a new piece of technology, the most innovate three from each group to present their idea at the end. Christabell and Lois’ ideas took them through to the final in their group, taking home 1st and runner up prizes – with the first prize being an Amazon Kindle Fire!

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'The last activity of the day was cryptography, in which the girls work in their school groups to crack as many encrypted messages as possible. In the 20 minutes they had, the team managed to crack a staggering 45 messages, crowning them the winning team for the day.

An enjoyable and inspiring day was had by all. Once again, the girls doing the school proud.