Wilmott Dixon Enterprise day – What would be your ideal school!

Y10 Enterprise - Willmott Dixon

We have been very fortunate that Willmott Dixon agreed to deliver a second Enterprise day to the whole of Year 10 on Friday 14th July.
“The Willmott Dixon enterprise day is designed to encourage employability skills, whilst highlighting curriculum links to the construction industry”.

During the morning the groups completed 3 team building tasks and were awarded points not only for the result but also how well they communicated together and worked as a team. The points were then totalled and this was then used to work out their budget for the build of a new school.

Each group had to calculate how many classrooms they needed; receptions, staff rooms, sports facilities; swimming pool etc. They then used the costing sheets to calculate how much their school would cost. It was a very fraught day especially when disaster struck at lunchtime and they had to spend £5,000,000 in order to fix the problem.

Each of the groups had to present their ideas to the judges and an overall winner was chosen. The winning group were Caitlin Dennehy, Natasha Devbhandari, Diana Gibbons, Imogen Gordon, Poppy Hall and Olivia Davey-Bashir from 10-5. Next term they will have the opportunity to visit a building in Manchester which is currently being constructed by Willmott Dixon. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see the range of career opportunities and progression paths available in the construction industry.

We look forward to working with Willmott Dixon again next year as it was a fantastic day and all of the students enjoyed it but more importantly they not only built on their enterprise skills but also learnt about possible career paths.