Year 8 Enterprise – Mosaic Enterprise Challenge

Mosaic Enterprise Challenge

The Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge is an inter-school competition which encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young people. In addition to encouraging an understanding of business and enterprise, participants also develop a number of transferable skills such as: confidence; team work; meeting deadlines; clarity of expression; lateral and creative thinking; and flexibility and adaptability. This year we asked year 8’s to volunteer for the programme and we have 24 teams take part.

Students learnt about businesses, business principles and then applied them by playing an online business simulation game during which they produced, marketed and sold one of five products. Each team had the opportunity to play the game as many times as they wish until the closing date of 3rd March. The team’s highest profit over all the games is then taken and the top five scoring schools are then invited to the Regional Finals.

Massive congratulations to team 18 (8-1 Orla, Rose, Amy and Isabel) who will represent the school at the Regional finals at KPMG on 29th March. We wish them all the best.