Year 12 Mock Trial

Mock Trials Success Nov 2016On Saturday our Year 12 Mock Trial team took part in the Sir Rhys Davies School Mock Trial Competition in the Manchester Crown Court, and competed against 11 other schools including Withington Girls and MGS. Our barristers (Caitlin M, Emily L, Celine B, and Hannah S) were all commended for their fantastic advocacy and professionalism and our witnesses (Aisha C, Emily S, Hana S and Anisa S) all put in star performances. The jury members were all very organised and impartial. The girls worked really hard and were truly excellent. They won every single one of their trials but missed the final by just a few points. It was a great day full of excitement! Congratulate to the girls on their brilliant efforts.

Family Portrait Offer for Our School

Neil Barrett PhotographyNeil Barrett Photography, Timperley have a family portrait offer for our school and staff worth £120 for a donation of £20 to school funds.

The offer includes a full studio family portrait sitting (usually £55) plus a photograph worth £65.

If you would like to take up this offer then please collect a form from Mrs Gillibrand.

It would make a lovely Christmas gift voucher for just a £20 donation!

See their website here:

John Ryland’s Language Change Workshop

John Ryland’s Language Change Workshop

On Monday 7th and Wednesday 9th November, year 12 and 13 – accompanied by Miss O’Hara and Mrs Willmott – took part in a workshop exploring the evolution of the English language from Old English to the modern period. Pupils were given exclusive access to a range of first and second editions of texts such as The Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare’s first folio, The King James I Bible and Johnson’s Dictionary. Pupils were fascinated to discover the changes in spelling, punctuation and written styles that had taken place over the years and were given a history of the importance of the printing press in the standardisation of English as we know it today. Pupils were also treated to a tour of the library’s beautiful Victorian gothic architecture and interior and all agreed it was just like being at Hogwarts! Roma and Mrs Willmott particularly enjoyed getting in to the role of Victorian gentlemen in the library reading room.

Year 10 Fab Lab visit

Year 10 D&T Bab-Lab trip
Year 10 D&T Bab-Lab tripOn Tuesday, 22nd November our year 10 Product Design girls visited the Fab Lab in Altrincham to look at the possibilities open to them using Laser cutters, CNC machines and 3D printers. It was a fantastic, interesting and informative trip, hopefully the first of many!

Biology in Action Conference

Biology in Action trip

AGGS Biology students attended the Biology in Action conference at Manchester Central on Friday 11th November. They heard fascinating talks covering a range of subjects from leading scientists covering forensic science, the unexplored depths of the oceans, whether sporting success is genetic or due to training, how surgery is used to treat oesophagal cancer and the effects of altitude on the human body. The girls behaved impeccably and it was a pleasure for Ms Russell to accompany them.

BEBRAS Challenge

On Thursday 17th November lunchtime, 23 students from Years 9-13 took part in the BEBRAS Computational Thinking challenge, solving problems such as the one below.

Everyone acquitted themselves well, and six students have qualified to go through to the next round in March:
Ellie F (Y9), Beth G, Isabelle H, Miranda W, Martha W (Y11) and Stephanie L (Y13). Tabitha H achieved the best mark in Y10 who compete in the same category as Y11.

BEBRAS Challange - Frog jump

Trafford Youth Winter Day

Trafford Youth Trust - Winter Day Free event, 4th December 2016
Trafford Youth Trust – Winter Day Free event, 4th December 2016

Trafford Youth Trust, a new organisation to help young people reach their full potential and funded by partners including Trafford Council, are pleased to bring a FREE winter event to young people 11-18 in Trafford

Y12 ‘Careers Fortnight’ 2016

Dr Salman Al-Azami delivering a talk on 'Religion and the Media' and a career in linguistics

Dr Salman Al-Azami delivering a talk on ‘Religion and the Media’ and a career in linguistics

Year 12 visit to Lancaster University, Engineering department, November 2016
Year 12 visit to Lancaster University, Engineering department, November 2016

Between 31 Oct -11 Nov, we held our Year 12 ‘Careers Fortnight’. The aim of this fortnight was to provide Year 12 students with resources and information to help them to make a better informed choice about what they might wish to do post 18, whether it be university, an apprenticeship scheme, a gap year or employment.

Activities included a trip to Lancaster University, where students attended a talk about how to choose a university, tour of the university campus and a sample workshop or lecture. We were also delighted to welcome a number of visitors into school, who kindly volunteered their time to offer practice 1:1 interviews for each student in Year 12.

Year 12 Careers Fortnight Practice interviews , 2016
Year 12 Careers Fortnight Practice interviews , 2016

Thank you to all of those who were involved in making this such a success.

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist . . . using technologies that haven’t been invented . . . in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”