Author Talk, Sungju Lee

Author Sungju Lee
On Friday 14th October, Year 9 had the pleasure of welcoming Sungju Lee, a North Korean defector, to talk about his book ‘Every Falling Star’. Students were enraptured by his tails of life within North Korea and his dangerous escape into South Korea in search of
his estranged father. His story includes a journey through gang warfare through to the death of his best friend, culminating in fearing for his life in South Korea. Sungju’s book deals with themes of family, separation, loneliness, hunger, fear, freedom and hope and all were explored in his interesting speech leading to many students purchasing a copy of his book to continue the story. It is true, as one reviewer put it, that ‘Stories shape our lives. Stories can help us to understand each other and motivate us to be better… And they can be used to make each other love… Sungju’s is such a story’. I should like to echo that final point and recommend all to pursue it further.

More can be learnt about Sungju here: