Vienna Trip, October 2016

Vienna Trip, October 2016The Vienna trip group have returned safely from their joint history and German study visit to Vienna. The girls explored the sights, including the iconic ferris wheel, the Austrian military history museum, the Klimt exhibition at Belvedere, Schoenbrunn palace and climbing 343 steps to the top of the Stephansdom south tower (still recovering from that!) They also enjoyed a talk given by Mr. Roberts’ son, Mark, about working for the UN in Vienna and were inspired to learn that a languages degree does not have to take you in to teaching!

Our pupils were fabulous throughout the trip and their excellent behaviour was commented upon by the hotel staff. Special thanks to Mrs. Ogunmyiwa, Mr. Dickson and Mrs. Crowson for their hard work and constant good humour.

Biology Week, October 2016

10th to 14th October.

What happened and were you there?

Great Biology Bake Off

Biology Week - Bake-offOn Monday 11 cakes were entered in this year’s competition – ranging from whole animals (a pig, an octopus), organs (eyes,

hearts, fingers and brains), cells and even a bubbling conical flask. The judges had a tough job to pick between them…even after tasting!!

Congratulations to:

1st place: The Eye – Faye and Isabelle from 7-7

2nd place: Brian The Brain – Areesha Qureshi from 7-7

3rd place: Dissect the Cupcake – Sarah Jilani, Zara Hussain and Aaliyah Mahmood from 8-7

Thank you to everyone who entered – they were all fantastic!

Faye and Isabelle will receive their prize after half term.

Biology Quiz

On Tuesday the Sixth Form Science Society ran a tricky biology quiz for some of our younger pupils, testing them on everything from why fish float to how much DNA we share with bananas!

Fly Lab

Biology Week Fly Lab

After school on Tuesday 37 girls stayed behind to participate in three workshops run by Manchester University’s Fly Lab. They learnt how different mutations in fruit flies contributed to our understanding of genetic inheritance, how the age of a fruit fly affects its ability to climb and how mutant flies can be temporarily paralysed by temperature and shaking, providing useful models for epilepsy studies.

You Are What You Eat
Biology Week - Professor Ian Roberts

On Wednesday Professor Roberts gave a fascinating lunchtime lecture on gut bacteria and the human diet. He explained how the variety of gut flora changes very quickly if our diet changes and how certain bacteria may even contribute to obesity.

Skype a Zoologist

Biology Week - Skype a Zooologist

On Thursday we linked up with London Zoo for a lunchtime Q&A session with Dr Monika Bohm. She discussed her own research and the conservation work of the zoo, trying to preserve endangered species from around the world.

Dissection Masterclass

After school on Thursday we ran the ever-popular dissection masterclass. Students learnt dissection skills and were able to see the internal organs of a rat and how intricately they fit together.

STEM Treasure Hunt

Biology Week - treasure hunt

On Friday 14 teams of intrepid treasure hunters ran around school trying to spot the hidden goat pictures. Each picture had an amazing animal fact on it and the girls had to match this to the animal on their quiz sheet. Congratulations to Amalie, Rabiah, Amira and Alekhya from 7-3, Libby from 7-5 and Nrishi and Aveesha from 7-7 who spotted the most goats around school!

Photography Competition

Gabrielle H, 10-5 - WinnerThe theme of our photography competition this year was Nature Up Close and the standard was really high. After a lot of debate the winning entry was awarded to Gabrielle H from 10-5.

Close runners-up included Mariam S from 10-5, Tabitha H from 10-2 and Sudiksha D from 12-5.

Look out for prints of all the pictures appearing in biology labs over the next few weeks!

Author Talk, Sungju Lee

Author Sungju Lee
On Friday 14th October, Year 9 had the pleasure of welcoming Sungju Lee, a North Korean defector, to talk about his book ‘Every Falling Star’. Students were enraptured by his tails of life within North Korea and his dangerous escape into South Korea in search of
his estranged father. His story includes a journey through gang warfare through to the death of his best friend, culminating in fearing for his life in South Korea. Sungju’s book deals with themes of family, separation, loneliness, hunger, fear, freedom and hope and all were explored in his interesting speech leading to many students purchasing a copy of his book to continue the story. It is true, as one reviewer put it, that ‘Stories shape our lives. Stories can help us to understand each other and motivate us to be better… And they can be used to make each other love… Sungju’s is such a story’. I should like to echo that final point and recommend all to pursue it further.

More can be learnt about Sungju here:


The Challenge Partners NW conference

NW Challange Partners Diorama

The Challenge Partners NW conference took place today at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. It was a great event where Mrs C O’Hara presented brilliantly during a debate on leadership and Mrs C Carradus ran an excellent knowledge exchange on problem solving. The feedback was universally positive. It was led by Gary Handforth of BFET and Ruth Coupe, Principal, of Marton Primary School.

The diorama on the picture was created for the conference by Ms Taylor’s Y8 art club. Similar piece were created by pupils from all 21 CP NW schools. We were joined on the day by Lois and Molly  showing off the diorama and the lantern they created on the day.

School Prefects

School Prefects 2016We would like to welcome our team of Year 11 prefects. These students applied for their roles at the end of year 10 and have were selected on the basis of their application. As a prefect, they carry out a vital role in the day to day life of the school. Their work across the school is very much appreciated, both by the younger students and the staff. In addition to their main responsibilities at lunch time the prefects also act as good role models for the younger students.School Prefects 2016


We began the new Term and new start of the Careerspeak programme with some interesting careers speakers. Engineering Futures - Careerspeak at AGGSEngineering Futures gave a talk to many of our budding women engineers about a vast array of careers in engineering. Ex-pupils, Alice Bennett and Saffiyah Kieg-Momin returned to school to talk about Earth Sciences at Imperial College, London and studying music at Oxford. Fashion and Art students Louisa Yung and Alison Poon came into Y10-13 Art lessons to share their experiences of studying art and fashion and fine art.

Some exciting Careers talks to start off the new term – look out for lunchtime dates next Term, particularly during Year 12 Careers fortnight between 31 Oct-11 Nov.

Year 11 Fundopoly Enterprise Day

Year 11 Fundopoly day, September 2016On 28th September Year 11 took part in a Fundopoly day trading in stocks and shares on the AGGS Stock Market. The day was delivered and run by employees of BNY Mellon. Trading was tough and highly competitive as the girls worked in teams to make as much money as they possibly could before trading ended. There was plenty of deliberation and important decision making to be made especially when the share prices of Gold and Greggs went up! They learnt how an investment bank differs from the High Street bank and experienced how the stock market actually works. Year 11 enjoyed speaking to the BNY employees about their particular job roles within BNY Mellon.