Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary Week

Shakespeares 400th Anniversary Week

This year marks 400 years since the death of one of the greatest authors of all time, William Shakespeare.

To celebrate, staff and students of AGGS took part in a range of activities to celebrate the Bard’s life and work. From considering the rights and roles of Jacobean women in citizenship, quizzes in maths, where students debated whether the answer to the algebraic question was ‘2b or not 2b’, to translating titles in MfL, students considered Shakespeare’s lasting impact across the whole of the curriculum.

The week culminated with staff dressing up as some Shakespeare’s greatest known characters. The best dressed award almost certainly resulted in a tie between Mrs Crowson’s Cleopatra or Mr Harrison’s Bottom!

Thanks to all who took part in the fun and festivities!

Chemistry Olympiad Success!

Royal Society of ChemistryThis year we had six enthusiastic Year 13 students taking part in the competition, which involved them completing a two-hour written exam paper. The questions posed often stimulate much debate, and enthusiasm for, chemistry – raising awareness of what the subject is all about. It provides a good opportunity to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond.

We are extremely pleased with the results that the students have achieved: Lydia R and Dawnya B both achieved a Gold Award, and Clare Z, Clarissa C, Emily C and Candice H all achieved a Silver Award.  Well done and congratulations to them!

MFL French Trip 2016


We are safely back from an extremely successful and enjoyable trip with Year 9. Highlights included Mont St Michel and Saint-Malo as well as Parc Asterix, where Nina, Val and Dorothy went on some very scary rides, as did all the girls. They also liked touring a champagne cellar in Reims, but the top attraction for the girls was the makeup shop Sephora, where they spent a grand total of 1105€!

A Huge Thank You from the Drama Department

Drama-GCSE - Emily, Georgia, Megan, Anna in Lillies of the Land
Drama-GCSE – Emily, Georgia, Megan, Anna in Lillies of the Land

This year the PTA have funded the purchase of a new set of lights and a harlequin floor cloth for the drama studio. The extra lights mean that a more sophisticated range of lighting effects can be achieved in the studio and this is enhanced by the harlequin floor which enables the classroom to become a ‘black-box studio’, in which the lights are intensified. So far this has had a huge impact on the students, particularly at KS4 and KS5 as the new equipment has worked to enhance their practical examination performances. At KS3, the girls are now able to experiment with a wider range of lighting states and colours to enrich their work in lessons. A huge thank you to the PTA for their continued support of the Drama department. Below are some images of the GCSE and A-Level work that has been performed this term.