Spelling Bee Success

Spelling Bee, March 2016The girls performed fantastically well in the regional final of the spelling bee competition. Lavanya in 7-4 won first prize for German, Rose in 7-6 won 3rd prize for German and Connie in 7-7 won 3rd prize for Spanish. Over 12,500 pupils took part in this competition across the North West, so this was a remarkable achievement.  They have all qualified to take part in the national competition in July. Viel Glück! Buene suerte!

Click here to see the girls on the competition’s facebook page

STEM Club Success

STEM-club - chocolate making projectSTEM-clubs

We have come as ‘Highly Commended’ in a STEM club competition for the activity we were running in the lead up to National STEM Clubs Week. Despite the large numbers of high quality submissions the judges were most impressed with our entry, and we are to receive a certificate acknowledging our achievement.

See below the entry from our STEM club for the STEM club week competition:

STEM-club_chocolate-making-project-2Chocolate-making Project

Initially, the students designed their moulds on computers using a CAD program. Their designs were then laser-cut in two layers which students sanded down and then built up into a former. The following week students created their moulds using the vacuum-former and then melted and poured their chocolate.

Well done to the girls and staff who helped.

Free Books for Year 7

Free books from PTAHappy faces all round for 7-5 when they received their free books this week. For the last 4 years the PTA have funded this very popular scheme of a gift of a reading book to every Year 7 student. After choosing a book in February, the books have finally arrived and with the addition of a book plate they are now being distributed within library lessons. The anticipation and the excitement of receiving their books confirms the importance of this scheme in promoting literacy and the love of reading.

All the Year 7 students and the Library say a huge thank you to the PTA for their generosity.

Free book label


Mosaic North West – Enterprise Challenge Regional Final

MOSAIC success 2016Emma S, Sarah W, Millie P and Mary T (8-1) did themselves and the school proud today by winning the Regional Final of the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge. They will now represent the NW at the Grand Final in London on Wednesday 4th May. They competed against teams from Parrs Wood High School, Ladybridge High School, The Hathershaw School and Levenshulme High School.

They were required to make a social enterprise idea pitch about an idea that benefits their school to a panel of judges. Their social enterprise was called Elevate – “uplifting the lives of people in our society“. The pitch they submitted was:

In the modern era, there are an increasing number of elderly people, either living on their own or in residential homes but without a strong community to care for them or to make them feel appreciated. The situation is made worse by the increasing mobility of younger family members who often live long distances away from elderly relatives. This can result in loneliness, boredom and depression – 49% of people aged 65+ say that television or their pets are their main form of company. Loneliness can be as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!
We would like to extend the hand of friendship to our local elderly people by inviting them to regular social meetings at our school. They can meet each other and talk to us about their experiences and enjoy tea and cake. We could also provide entertainment with musical recitals and dancing, and offer some basic training in IT and help to use modern technology like iPads and mobile phones. By using contacts with churches, synagogues, mosques, GP surgeries and other community groups, we will identify people in need of companionship and invite them to these social meetings.

For winning the Regional final they have been invited to Old Trafford to watch a match from a corporate VIP box.

The Grand Final allows them to compete for:

  • £2500 for the school;
  • £500 to start their social enterprise;
  • iPad mini’s;
  • winner’s trophy plus individual prizes
  • plus a one of a kind day in London (previous winners have had tea with Samantha Cameron, been chauffeured in a Rolls Royce and had a tour of Clarence House).

This is a fantastic opportunity for the girls as well as the school.

Manchester Youth Hack


During February Half Term,  we (Holly R and Miranda W) took part in Manchester Youth Hack for the first time. We were teamed up with two boys in year 11 and chose to complete the AutoTrader AstroPi challenge, which was: We’d like you to design a game/app/experiment that Tim Peak could use in Space.

We developed a simulation of a series of mini-games to be played on the ISS using several Raspberry Pis. At the end of the two days our work was judged, and we won the AutoTrader category and were shortlisted for Best in Show. The event was free, yet we left with fantastic prizes such as 8GB memory stick wristbands and Google Cardboards. There will be many events like this in future and we recommend it to anyone with an interest in programming and software development.

Written by Miranda and Holly