GCSE Presentation Evening


GCSE Evening September 2015On Thursday 24th September, Year 12 pupils, their parents and teachers attended the GCSE Presentation Evening, at The Forum Centre, Wythenshawe. This is an annual event to celebrate their hard work and excellent GCSE results.

The evening included speeches, musical recitals, a performance by Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students and we welcomed former AGGS student, Major Jill Winters, as the guest speaker. The evening concluded with the  presentation of certificates and a vote of thanks by Senior Students. Finally, there was a photographic  celebration of Year 11.

All agreed Major Jill Winters was a fascinating personality and a good example to represent AGGS. Her career path and life story intrigued the audience and met with great admiration by people who attended the event.

The evening was a fitting celebration of our pupils who achieved impressive results in their GCSEs:

100% of students gained at least 5 subjects at A*-C, including English and Mathematics. A wonderful 98% of examinations taken were graded from A*-B, 84% were graded A*-A and a magnificent total of 50% were graded A*.

See below the video from the evening:

AGGS GCSE Presentation Evening – Former Student Major Jill Winters from aggschool on Vimeo.